SelfieTime Lets You Take Awesome Selfies with Your Rear Camera

SelfieTime Lets You Take Awesome Selfies with Your Rear Camera

We are all guilty of taking selfies. There’s no denying it. But the main problem with selfies is that, if you aren’t near a mirror, you’ll have to take the picture on your front facing camera. And we all know that the front facing camera is nowhere as great as the rear facing camera. There isn’t any flash for the front facing camera either. So what to do? How can you use your rear camera to take selfies? SelfieTime is an app that lets you take selfies with your rear camera. You’ll need two iPhones with the app installed on both of them. How it works is that the app connects the phones in a way that one is the viewer and the other is the camera. What your camera sees on your phone will be displayed on the other phone, so you can see how you’re looking. The app allows the phones to connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Once you take a picture, it is saved on both phones.

First download the app on both phones. Launch it and it will start searching for the other phone with the app. Once the phones are connected, you’ll see that colors of the shutter button on different on both phones; one is red while the other blue. The phone with the blue button is the viewer; it receives the images from the other iPhone’s camera. The iPhone sending the image from its rear camera is the red shutter one. You might wonder why the image quality on the viewer camera isn’t as good as the one on the other one. Don’t worry, this is only a preview mode, once the picture is taken it will be clear and crisp.

To take the picture, hit the shutter button on any of the phones and it will start transferring the picture to the other phone. You can also reverse the viewer and picture taker roles on the phones by tapping the circling arrows button on the top right of the screen. The viewer phone can turn on the flash of the other phone by tapping the flash button on the top left of the screen. And if you wish to disable photo transfer to the viewer phone, simply go to the settings and turn ‘Transfer Photos’ option off.

Overall, SelfieTime is a good app which will easily improve the quality of selfies you take with your rear camera. Granted you need 2 iPhones for this to work, it’s worth it if you and a friend are really into taking selfies. Download it for $0.99 from the App Store.


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