Simplify Your Social Media Marketing with Useful Tools

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing with Useful Tools

Social Media marketing is indispensable if you want to use technology to market your business online and as a beginner, this can be a difficult job. There are certain things that have to be taken care of no matter what network you are marketing on for example taking care of posts frequency, building audience, engaging followers, scheduling updates about products, etc. Before you check the tools below you can visit  and see how to boost your marketing strategy and followers on Twitter.  Other than that you can check these tools that will help simplify the task for you. These tools will help simplify the task for you.


The most comprehensive tool for marketing on Facebook and twitter. This tool is good for adjusting posts frequency and reaching out to fans individually. It helps user find out best time of day to post on Social Media, streamlines content and also reminds user about any pending activity they might want to consider noticing.


In case you have plenty of time today to give your Social Media activity but no time tomorrow, you should use Buffer to create tomorrow’s posts and updates today and schedule them to be posted on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow sometime. This saves some of your precious time.


WordPress, without doubt, is the best solution for creating small website for your business. That website will then be your virtual control office for all the Social Media marketing. Blogs based on WordPress are easy to optimize for SEO and good ranking in search engines.

Google Alerts

This is a simple minimal tool for monitoring your online reputation as a beginners. Simply create email notifications for mention of your brand name and you will be informed about it. You can create more than one alert for specific product/service mentions on the web or any kind of discussion about that going on anywhere.


This tool works likes Facebook insights and is used worldwide to monitor the performance of any website/page etc. This is available both as a trial and full fledge paid version and it is worth paying for. You can track your audience, there are custom options to check traffic in different periods of time and you can see age groups, gender, region, sources etc. who are bring traffic to your website.

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This is one place for scheduling your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Blogs and other connected spots. Check all your mentions in one place and reply to them. With HootSuite publisher your can write content once and then schedule it to be posted on multiple places and save plenty of time. It is the ultimate comprehensive place for marketing on Social Media.


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