Siri will now be making payments for Barclays customers

barclays ios app siri payments

These days, it seems everyone is making it easier for us to spend money; it would have been nicer if they also made it easier for us to earn that money. Well, if you are a Barclays Bank customer, you can now order Siri to make payments for you, by voice commands.

Barclays has updated their iOS app to debut Siri assistance, allowing their customers make transactions using just voice commands to the Apple-made digital assistant. Provided you have granted Siri access to your bank account via the Barclays app; you can have her debit your account using just voice commands.

You can have sire make payments out to anyone in your iOS contact list. Take, for instance; you can say, “Hey Siri, pay Alex £15 with Barclays.” Do you see the loophole for abuse in that simple yet much-needed assistance? Your friend may just want some money from you and say the same command to your iPhone, wishing to get paid out of your account without your consent.

Well, worry not! For Siri to make the payment, you still have to authorize it by placing your finger on the Touch ID Sensor as confirmation to effect the transaction. This feature is meant for small payments, like when you are out with family and friends and want to share the dinner bill. You can set up a daily limit to how much Siri can send out, or the maximum that can be sent in a single transaction.

Siri is now open third party developers since last summer, and we are not just seeing the onset of more applications using the digital assistant to help users accomplish tasks by voice commands. PayPal too added a similar feature, where the user can use voice commands to make transactions.

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