Six Instagram Features to Secure your Account

How Instagram Followers Will Help Your Business Thrive

Having a massive big account with ton of Instagram followers, be ready for hacking or phishing attacks. Hacking is a major issue in this era of social networking as the accounts are mostly public for blogging, influencing and other business profiles. These accounts can be hacked easily and they mostly get hacked without the user knowing that they got hacked. So, putting an extra security on your account is essential. These are 5 features that you can use to further secure your account.

1. Two-Factor Authentication:

Instagram introduced this option for further security of its users and it is a clever way to restrict the entry of hackers and scammers in your account. Two factor authentication means that after entering your account’s password a second form of authentication is needed to access your account. In this way, a hacker cannot access your account without physical contact with the device in which the account is running.

To set two-factor authentication,

  • Make sure your phone number is added on Instagram. If you have not added it yet, add your number first.
  • Open the app and click on profile icon at bottom left corner.
  • Click the menu bar (3 lines on top right corner)
  • Go to settings and tap on 2-factor authentication.
    • There you can follow further instructions and get two-factor authentication working.

2. Don’t get Phished:

There have been fake emails rotating around that can allow the hacker to get into your account if you tap on anything in that email. Instagram has introduced the official email that’s title is “Email from Instagram” that can allow the user to check if the email is a genuine one or not.

The feature can be found in “settings”. In settings go to “security” and click “Emails from Instagram”. There would be another tab that would show you the emails from Instagram and another tab named “other” that were the fake emails.

3. Login Activity:

Keep a keen check on your login activity. As if anyone else other than you log into your account, Instagram sends you an email that includes the place from where your account was logged in and the model of device that logged into your account. So, you may know who and from were logged in your account and got into your privacy. If the person was not you, you can immediately change your account password and log out from other devices to secure your account.

4. Get Initial boost from authentic vendor:

As most of the Instagram users try to purchase real Instagram followers from different vendors but they don’t have any idea about the quality and process. Never ever share your password with any vendor or service provider. We highly recommended to buy followers after doing complete research and reading reviews.

5. Make your Account Private:

if you have a public account, anyone can have access to your photos and videos but if you only want to interact with the people of your choice, you can change your account setting to make it private. It would only enable the people who are following you to see your photos and videos. To do this,

  • Go to your account settings
  • Click privacy
  • Go to the option “account privacy” and toggle it on.

6. Disable the Activity Status:

Instagram enable the people to see when you are online on the app and are using it. If you do not want other people know when you were online, you can just turn that option off to be left alone. To turn it off;

  • Go to settings
  • Then search for the “Privacy” option and click it
  • Go to “Activity Status” and toggle it off

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