Starting July, 29 – Windows 10 Full Package Will Be Available For FREE Download

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After launching the Windows 10 on September 30, 2014, consumers around the world have been eager to try out Windows 10; the next step in the evolution ladder for the Windows operating system. However, the full-package Windows 10 has not been available in the market so far, but Microsoft released the Windows 10 Preview for developers and early adopters consumers.

Microsoft Corp also announced the fully developed Windows 10 OS will be available to the end consumer some time in the summer of 2015. Faithful to its words, Microsoft has made an announcement today; Windows 10 operating system will be available to all users across the globe on July 29, 2015. Users using Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.1 update will be able to download Windows 10 for FREE.

Microsoft Corp is touting Windows 10 to be touch-friendly and with features such as the ‘Start Menu’ currently absent in Windows 8, making a come-back. The new operating system will also run across PCs, tablets and smartphones seamlessly. Analysts speculate (rightfully so) that Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt to win over mobile users who are currently quite taken by Android followed by iOS devices.

Microsoft also said Windows 10 PCs and tablets will start retailing on July 29 going forward. While smartphones running Windows 10 out of the box will begin selling later in the year. Microsoft is particularly keen on embracing more developers on its Windows 10 platform, given the influence developers command in terms of influencing consumers to adapt a particular mobile operating system. Windows mobile fall short compared to both Android and iOS platform in terms of the number of apps available.

However, Microsoft still commands a great respect when it comes to conventional desktop PC and laptops operating system. It is hoping to leverage on this dominancy to influence users to also warm up to its mobile platform.

For more information about features to expect with the Windows 10, click here >>.

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