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Travelers Tech Hot List this the Season

Travelers Tech Hot List this the Season

Any traveler, regardless of their route appreciates a helping hand on the way; whether on a long haul trip across the globe, or a train ride to the countryside. has compiled a must-have hotlist of gadgets that not only ease the anxieties of your journey, but bring joy to your sojourn as well.

Hi-tec TranslatorsTravelers Tech Hot List this the Season

This gadget makes travel in foreign country easier by making sure that you and your host speak the same language. The gadgets come in different forms including portable handheld gizmos and wrist band straps. It’s ideal for any traveler on the not-so-popular trip to a foreign language territory, although it won’t hurt to “always be prepared”

Luggage MonitorsTravelers Tech Hot List this the Season

Everyone who has had to part with tones of their stuff at boarding knows that it is very possible to part ways, never to be heard or seen! Luggage monitors/trackers are functional in any location that your mobile phone works, for the peace of your mind before you can deal with the jetlag.

Portable Wifi RoutersTravelers Tech Hot List this the Season

Hotel Wifi can disappoint, and neither can you rely on the next goodwill ambassador anytime you need to share a selfie or keep up with folks back home. Most portable routers solve more than just one problem by providing USB charger for other gadgets.

Portable ScannersTravelers Tech Hot List this the Season

Business travelers know that a small hitch such as missing the right presentation or mixing up your literature material could cost you more than the trip! Always travel prepared by tucking away this useful gadget in your briefcase. Most of the scanners come with battery compartments and can also charge vis USB.

Minipresso for that Caffeine Shot!Travelers Tech Hot List this the Season

This highly acclaimed device ensures that distance notwithstanding, you never run out of your caffeine shots! To even make things easier, the hand powered mini-machine comes with a cap that doubles up as your mug, leaving more space to pack you’re the rest of your travel gear.

LithiumCard HyperChargerTravelers Tech Hot List this the Season

Whether strolling the beach, exploring the wild or simply taking a hike up the Mount Kilimanjaro, you can rest assured that your smartphone, e-readers or any other gadget cannot run out of its powering juice. The card charger fits perfectly in an ordinary sized wallet, and comes with a mini-sized USB cable snugly attached to its side.

Clip on LensesTravelers Tech Hot List this the Season

Summer or winter, night and day and all the seasons included in between, clipping on some suitable lenses to your mobile gadget will guarantee you shots as you want them regardless of the lighting! Depending on your preference, the lenses come in a variety of sizes suited for different settings.

Waterproof Case for your gadgetsTravelers Tech Hot List this the Season

For the water-enthusiast, who also cannot part way with the indomitable iOS system. Slipping on a waterproof cases on your gadget will ensure that you still have your cake and eat it, literally. You can snap away real time photos as you snorkel or swim with the sharks in Diani

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