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How to Watch YouTube Without Ads

by Roveen

After YouTube’s recent heavy crackdown on ad blocking, there has been an increase in many people who seek to watch the videos without ads. I mean, I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree that YouTube ads are among the most annoying ads. So, any means to watch videos without them interrupting your viewing experience is welcome.

So, how do you go about it then?

YouTube Premium

If you have to qualms about paying YouTube, then YouTube Premium is the way to go. For a monthly subscription, you get an ad free experience.

But it is also more than that. You can also save videos to watch offline and background play, allowing you to play YouTube in the background as you use other apps.

Disable JavaScript

Another way to bypass YouTube adblock restrictions is through disabling JavaScript. Now, YouTube may be using JavaScript to know when adblockers are being used on their site. Thus, it makes sense to disable JavaScript so that you can continue viewing YouTube ad-free.

Disabling JavaScript helps to keep your ad blocker activated but enables you to get around pop-ups and screen freezes, which YouTube is now using to stop you from viewing videos if you are using an adblock.

Here is how to disable JavaScript on different browsers.

Use Incognito Mode

Another easy solution is to use incognito mode to bypass ads on YouTube. Since most sites have your data thanks to trackers and cookies, you can then be sure that opening YouTube here will not annoy you with persistent ads.

Currently, we can only speculate on how YouTube is detecting adblockers; thus, no means of bypassing them is 100% secure or even works all the time.

However, you just have to find the one that works best for you at any given time and go with it.

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