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7 Ways To Find Someone’s Email on LinkedIn


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It can be very handy to know how to find email on LinkedIn. Emails allow you a direct route to someone who is most beneficial to you, whether you’re marketing, recruiting, or even seeking employment.

However, emails are now more difficult to obtain on LinkedIn because many people have completely hidden their personal email addresses. Additionally, you must send a connection request to someone to freely explore their LinkedIn profile. 

Thankfully, there are several effective ways to save the day. Continue reading to figure out how to find emails on LinkedIn. 

Finding Anyone’s Email Address On LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is the most popular platform for connecting with business professionals. Almost everyone has a LinkedIn profile. Every LinkedIn account includes an email address, and you’ll need those addresses to develop your personal network. 

Here are a few methods for obtaining those emails from LinkedIn – 

1. Try Obtaining The Email Address From Their Linkedin Account First: 

The easiest way to discover someone’s email address is to send a request to their profile page. It’s fairly common for individuals to accept your request even though they don’t recognize you.

You can search through their profile for the email address after they have bought and turned into a first-degree correlation. A LinkedIn search can also be performed by email. 

2. Send A Private Message Requesting Their Email: 

A personal message can be initiated on a person’s LinkedIn profile. Even if it’s unlikely, you might still be able to access their email account with the right message. 

Engage with individuals and reward the message. Please check out their LinkedIn likes and groups. Be organized, mention their name, and end the message with an email signature. 

Even if you put together the best message you can, failure is still possible. People are less inclined to share their email addresses with complete strangers. 

3. Use a LinkedIn Email Finder:  

Another excellent approach to finding someone’s emails on LinkedIn is to use a LinkedIn email finder tool. These online applications were created specifically to identify and locate emails from LinkedIn.  

They function according to a rather simple theory. Every email finder has data storage. The program needs to ping the dataset once you provide the relevant data, which is often a name or mobile number. Usually, these tools use employee data API to find data about business professionals. Some are superior and more expensive because they are larger than others.

Here are some of the prominent LinkedIn email-finding tools you can choose from – 

  • GetProspect
  • Apollo 
  • UpLead
  • LeadLeaper 
  • Lusha 
  • Voila Norbert 

4. Add-on for Chrome: 

Using a Google Chrome plugin is one of the simplest ways to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn. You can install programs on your browser called Google Chrome extensions. 

Because they typically come with an email finder utility package, a Google account would still be mandatory. However, some tools are extensions for Google Chrome.  

5. Try LinkedIn Sales Navigator: 

This is a useful utility that extracts the company name from a person’s profile, allowing you to use it to collect email addresses on LinkedIn. 

Follow these steps to do it – 

i) Open your search. Make sure you’re using the right keywords to locate the right people. 

ii) You’ll see the name of the person and the business they are employed by. 

iii) Use the Google technique I’ve described or a LinkedIn extraction tool, like Wiza. 

This method appears to be quite cool, but it costs money to use. The price of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is $99.99 per month. There are, however, more expensive plans. 

6. Turn To Google Search: 

It is nearly impossible to obtain a person’s email address if you are not connected to them in any manner on LinkedIn. To gather this information, you can mix a few different methods, though – 

i) To identify a pertinent website, enter the name of the agency into Google.

ii) Now, you can find the email by using the person’s name and domain. Such a search would be –

iii) You can also use the “site” search command. For instance,;

iv) When you acquire an email address, use the verifier to see whether it is valid. 

7. Utilize The Export Connections Function: 

If none of the methods suggested above is successful for you, download the information from your LinkedIn profile. Your connections’ email addresses are also included in it. 

Here’s the process – 

1. Choose ‘Settings & Privacy’ by finding the Me icon and clicking on it.

2. On the menu bar, select Data Privacy.

3. In the dropdown menu, select ‘How LinkedIn Uses Your Data.’

4. Then, select ‘Get a copy of your data.’

5. Choose ‘Want something in particular?’ in the dropdown. After that, select the file(s) you want.

6. Select Connections, then click Request Archive.

7. A download link is sent to your email box as soon as you enter a password.

When compared to using an email finder tool, this method takes a lot of time. Additionally, you can only access the data for your first-degree LinkedIn connections. 

Furthermore, using this strategy does not guarantee that you will receive all of your first-degree contacts’ emails. The interesting thing about LinkedIn is that users may decide whether or not they will make their contacts public. 

Bottom Line: 

Finding someone’s LinkedIn email address is doable and reasonably priced. But be careful to abide by all the rules and only choose services that have been verified and provide user data protection. 

Never give your personal information to a platform that is not certified.

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