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Apple Working on iPad Pro, Will Ditch Other iPad Series: Report

by Fahad Saleem

Apple Working on iPad Pro, Will Ditch Other iPad Series: Report

Apple delayed the launch of their rumored 12.9 inch display iPad pro in September along with the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 because they wanted their vendors to catch up to the demand of newly launched iPhone 6. The delay, as we know now, might be because Apple may decide to discontinue their 7.9 inch display iPad mini in favor of iPad Pro in the future, according to Taiwanese news site, Economic Daily News.

The site has basically predicted that Apple is going to pour more focus over to the long-rumored iPad Pro in light of the sales of iPad mini going down significantly in the past 2 years. This news came out only after a month of release of the vaunted iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini together and in good conscience too. Not only did Apple give only 2 minutes of their entire launch to iPad Mini but they have also failed to bring any significant improvements to the iPad Mini.

The only difference iPad Mini 3 has from its predecessor is that it has Touch ID fingerprint sensor along with the introduction of the color Gold, everything else is verbatim. Many of the bloggers have even urged people not to buy the latest 7.9 inch tablet. And they have good reason to suggest that because as a user you might not want to pay for a tablet which hardly has any improvement over the old one. The iPad Mini 3 has the same 64-bit A7 processor as its predecessor as opposed to iPad Air 2 which sports a different A8X processor, clearly a massive upgrade has been missed folks.

Although the Taiwanese site has been known to miss rumor before, such as suggesting iPhone 6 plus would not even be called an iPhone. But the growing disinterest of Apple in updating their product to an acceptable degree along with the awaited launch of iPad Pro may suggest the end of the line for 7.9 inch iPad Mini. We might only see iPad Mini in the portfolio of Apple with minimal updates much likely to go down the rout of the iPad touch.

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