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Are Solar Panels in Arlington, the Right Choice for You?


Are you a homeowner in Arlington Texas? If so, you might have heard your neighbors talk about how solar energy can help save on your home energy bill.

You’ve heard of solar power before. But is it right for your home?

Check out this helpful guide on the details you should consider before installing solar panels in Arlington. You’ll find many financial benefits when you adopt this alternative energy source. Answer the following questions before you put any money down.

Am I Ready for Solar Power?

Finding the best residential solar system for you means doing some research ahead of time. Here are some considerations you should make before you invest in this long-term commitment.

Will Solar Panels Work on My Kind of Roof?

Solar panels work best on a roof that measures 200 square feet or more. Your rooftop must be free of any chimney or tree shadows. Houses that face in the south, southeast, or southwest direction produce more energy amounts.

What Will Solar Power Cost Me?

If you know how much these systems cost today, you’ll be able to decide if these costs are higher or lower than what you think your energy bills will be further down the road. Solar power installation pricing depends on what solar power company you eventually hire.

Take advantage of any area solar energy companies that offer a free quote to find the best price and system for your home. You’ll find certified installers at the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners website.

Contact the pros at Blue Raven Solar. They’ll show you ways you can avoid upfront costs to maximize your savings. You provide the home, they provide the rest!

What Does a Solar Panel Cost?

Solar panel installation doesn’t come cheap. A six-kilowatt solar panel system — the most common configuration for a single-family home — ranges anywhere from $16,000 to $21,000. If you can’t afford these upfront solar panel design costs, you might qualify for solar loan options to help you cover these fees.

Other financial methods that might help you out include either a power purchase agreement (PPA) or a solar lease. A PPA or lease allows you to rent solar panels from leasing companies. You enjoy the energy that the solar panel generates and the solar leasing company receives a tax break or other financial incentive.

Any Governmental Financial Incentives for Solar Energy?

Homeowners can claim a federal tax credit worth 30% of their home’s solar power installation costs when their individual taxes come due. Some states also offer tax credits for home solar power installation. Find what incentives and credits Texas provides in the Database of State Incentives on home energy efficiency incentives.

Solar Panels in Arlington: What’s Next?

Ready to launch a solar panel installation project on your home? If so, do some homework ahead of time. Go to the Database of State Incentives listed above to find out what kind of incentives are available for solar panels in Arlington.

Once you know what your solar panel costs might be, contact some solar installation firms. Compare their pricing against your current budget. Then pick the plan that’s right for you.

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