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Best Smart Home Security Gadgets in Budget

by Fahad Saleem

Smart home is the zeitgeist of the modern tech space. You don’t need to install a complete costly home security system. There are little home security gadgets which can beef up the security of your home.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock replaces the traditional bolt lock on your doors. It has a special iOS app which you can pair up with your door. You can create virtual keys for your guests and family. You can set the time for every key, for example, multi-hour, multiple days and hours. August Door lock also has a geo-fencing mechanism, which means that whenever you leave your home in a hurry, the door will be locked automatically.  The app of August Lock also maintains of the people who entered and left your house daily. You can also virtual assistant apps like Siri to lock or unlock your door. This device costs around $205 on Amazon.

lock 1

Vimtag Camera

Vimtag is a security camera which shoots a video with quality of 960p HD. It has features like night vision mode, motion sensors, detection modes. It saves footage on SD card. It also has an integration with the Cloud. This security camera is much better than the VHS security cameras available in the market. Vimtag camera also has mobile apps in which you can view your daily camera shots and film. The best part? Vimtag camera only costs about $90.


Ring Video Doorbell

This is a smart door bell which has a small camera on it and lots of sensors. The camera attached with the bell streams video to the Cloud and saves it on the device. You can watch the video and see pictures whenever you can. Ring Door Bell also has mobile apps. This bell only costs about $194 on Amazon.



Blink is a set of automated security cameras which are powered by multiple AA batteries. The cameras are wireless, which means that you can hang them easily wherever you can. The working dynamics are simple: whenever a camera detects motion, it notifies you one your mobile on the Blink mobile app. You can also view live streaming from the Blink cameras. This home security system costs around $229.



1byone Wireless Driveway Alert

This is a high-security system which is useful in case of breach and break-ins. The wireless system has a sensor and a receiver. The sensor can sense motion to a range of 20 feet.  Whenever the sensor detects a motion, it sends a signal to the receiver. The receiver then produces sounds and buzzes so you can act accordingly. You can change the alert sounds. There are 36 different choices. This home security system costs just $19.


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