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Gebeya Workplace launches to connects Freelance Developers with Clients

by Milicent Atieno
Gebeya Workplace launches to connects Freelanc Developers with Clients

One of the organizations that were part of the brains that founded Africa’s networks of devs, CODERS4AFRICA, has initiated another program aimed at connecting developers with clients. Dubbed, Gebeya Workplace, it is an online platform where clients looking for developers with particular skills set can be matched with such developers.

Gebeya co-founder and COO Hiruy Amanuel said, “Gebeya Workplace will enable entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations to very quickly hire independent IT professionals who are highly trained and certified at competitive market rates.”

Gebeya, one of Africa’s premier services platform wants to increase the number of IT professionals across the continent. While at the same time, increasing job opportunities for the IT professionals and reduce the cost of hiring IT professionals especially for SMEs.

Amadou Daffe singled out Kenya as one of the best countries in Africa where freelance developers could gain from the Gebeya Workplace. He said, “Kenya has the highest level of internet penetration and is home to a lot of multinationals and Fortune 500 companies; with a current population of 47 million. Internet penetration stands at 52.3% placing it in the lead board in Africa. This has increased the use of technology to foster growth and efficiency; which has, in turn, led to increased demand for highly skilled professionals in the IT sector.”

Currently, Kenya is ranked in the same group as Russia. Ahead of many high and middle-income economies in the world, even before Italy, Greece, and Turkey; with regards to broadband penetration.

The government is also continuously investing in the supporting digital infrastructure thus leading to increased economic opportunities for those empowered by ICT. To further urge on the relevance of Gebeya Workplace, Deloitte recent report on Human Capital reveals that pressing financial costs on businesses are leading to layoffs and high staff turnover. Particularly the millennials. When you take that into consideration, Gebeya Workplace addresses the needs of these gig unemployed persons in the economy.

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