Google launches first ever interactive online learning platform “Oppia”

Google launches first ever interactive online learning platform “Oppia”
Today, Google has launched its first ever online interactive learning platform “Oppia”. Google was planning to step in the domain of online education just like Amazon’s Kindle and Ten Marks projects in order to expand the market and third world access. Oppia is likely to revolutionize the way we learn, interact, teach and share knowledge.

Oppia is basically an online, live and interactive tool in which you will be able to share your thoughts, learn and teach using the drag and drop objects, mapping, presentations and web based GUI control with absolutely no need to code anything. Teachers and students will be easily collaborating with each other over Oppia to perform the learning activities which are known as “explorations” in the Oppia system. Oppia will be a free tool and Google says that the plans are up for the expansion of this educational program.

Here is how Google explains how its latest launch Oppia works:

 Oppia does this by modeling a mentor who poses questions for the learner to answer. Based on the learner’s responses, the mentor decides what question to ask next, what feedback to give, whether to delve deeper, or whether to proceed to something new. You can think of this as a smart feedback system that tries to “teach a person to fish,” instead of simply revealing the correct answer or marking the submitted answer as wrong.

Among the many alluring features, Oppia can let you get the best, personalized feedback after submitting answers. The activities for the learning, which are known as ‘explorations’ in Oppia will be embedded in the webpage so the learning experience will be smooth and without any lag or glitch. Oppia has an online interactive dashboard to provide the learners and teachers the best and the most customizable learning experience. A full online editor GUI will help people change the flow and directions of slides, papers, questions etc.

Oppia is also accessible via mobile devices because of its best responsive UI. Educational dimensions are likely to be rattled because of Google’s launch of Oppia as there was a great need of a free, accessible and easy to use online learning tool.

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