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How to Fix YouTube Search Not Working

by Roveen

A few days ago, as I was scrolling through YouTube with my internet connection, I suddenly found myself unable to use the search button.

I kept getting an error, ‘download not found,’ which was strange. I switch my internet connection on and off. But this still didn’t seem to resolve the issue.

If you have encountered this problem, you know how frustrating it can be. So, here is how to fix a search button that is not working on YouTube even though you have an internet connection.

Relaunch the YouTube App

The first step that you will do is to relaunch the YouTube App.

Exit the app, and if you are using Android, go to the recent apps button and swipe up on YouTube. If you are using an iPhone, you will swipe from the bottom of the phone screen and pause in the middle. Then, find your YouTube app and swipe up on it.

These actions close the YouTube app, and when you click on it again, it’s as though you are ‘turning it back on’.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, as it didn’t on mine, then take the next step.

Clear YouTube Cache

If relaunching the YouTube app hasn’t worked, then consider clearing YouTube cache and cookies.

Simply click and hold on the YouTube app, then click on app info. This will take you to the YouTube settings. Then go to Storage & cache and clear the data.

Now, this worked for me, and I think it could also work for you.

If it doesn’t, worry not; there is a third option.

Update your YouTube App

If none of the above works, consider updating your YouTube app. Go to the Play Store or App Store, look for the latest YouTube version, and download it if it’s available.

If it’s unavailable and you still cannot use the search function, read more on how to sort out the problem here.

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