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Modernization Tips for Manufacturers: Building Long-Term Growth


Manufacturers have always, to some extent, been at the forefront of innovation. Automation, for instance, wasn’t trialed in the military or in the lab – it was first used in the factory, with looms powered not by human labor, but by the efforts of new machines. In today’s world, that modernization continues, with firms experimenting with different forms of digital technology, automation and AI to produce the finest systems and the most productive processes. This article’s about how you can modernize your firm during the fourth technological revolution.

Bring in Experts

You’re running a business; you can’t be expected to be abreast of all of the innovation taking place around you as well as keeping tabs on how your firm is running. Instead, you should turn to thought leaders at the intersection of technology and manufacturing, who may be able to show you the way to higher growth and productivity. They’ll tell you which is the right technology to engage with, and what might be a lame duck. And they’ll give you an understanding of the wider innovation landscape, so that you can anticipate future trends.

Use Software

The most impressive innovations are no longer in machinery, but in the software that controls it. And this software is developing at quite the rate of knots, pushing forward to develop more powerful and impressive systems for use in the manufacturing industry. From combining AI with robotics to building Flexible Automation Solutions for different types of company, these software vendors know how to help you. Remember that advice is still going to be pivotal in your decision as to which software you invest in. But once you’re happy with the package on offer, you’ll be able to start building a modern technology stack behind your machinery.

Internet of Things

As many industrial experts have been claiming for some time, it appears that the future will be dictated by the so-called “internet of things”. This wide, 5G-enabled world of internet connectivity will provide the likes of factories and logistics companies with the sensors to track and monitor everything they do. All of this data, when brought together, is possible to coordinate and analyze, so that you’re able to better understand your production line. If you’re able to engage with an internet of things company, this is the time to begin consulting and getting a quote for their services.


Finally, you cannot claim to be a modern company without bringing modern values, wages and benefits to your workforce. Factories are no longer places for the working class to slog it out in difficult conditions – they’re places for employees to work hard and receive a fair wage packet for their services. And they’re places that should offer training, career development and social events to their staff. If you can tick off this final barrier to modernization, you’ll be a firm knocking on the door of the next decade – bringing up productivity and increasing your profits at the same time.

Your firm can modernize with the following tips – designed to help you slowly build a modern firm out of your older manufacturing business.

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