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New Roles in Among Us. Download and Play Among Us on PC


InnerSolth LLC launched Among Us in 2018. It is a multiplayer online action game. The developer is continuously adding new features in Among Us. Recently the patch notes on the new update released. The new update will come on the last of January. In this update, new roles will be added in Among Us. These new roles have some special abilities. In new roles are Doctors, Jester, Zombie mode, Detective, Terminator, Mutant, etc. All these roles have different tasks and goals. Some role works like imposters, and some work like crewmates. We discuss the new roles in detail in this article. Download Among Us on PC and enjoy playing these new roles.


In the new update, a new role named the doctor will be added in Among Us. It is a very special role with special abilities. It has the ability that it can revive any member. When an imposter kills crewmates, then the doctor can revive this crewmate. But there are special rules for revived crewmates. Because the revived crewmate has information that how killed him so according to the rules, the revived person cannot talk in chat. But the revived crewmate can perform all other tasks like alive crewmates. It can report dead bodies, call for emergency meetings, etc. So it is the best role and increases the entertainment in gameplay.


Another best role will be introduced in Among Us in the upcoming update. This role has unique gameplay. If the crewmates vote for the right Jester role, then the crewmates will win the match. The imposter can kill the Jester before voting. The crewmates have to vote for Jester as soon as possible. It is a little bit confusing, so we explain it with an example. Suppose you are a Jester in a match. First of all, the imposters try to find and kill you. The crewmates have no idea that who is Jester. The crewmates have to vote you out. When the crewmates vote for you, you and other crewmates will win the match, and the imposter will lose the match. It is the best role, which adds a lot of fun in gameplay.

Zombie Mode

It is a special role, and it is hoped that it will be added Among Us in the upcoming update. When this role is introduced in the match, then there will be no imposter. This new role acts like the imposters and kills the crewmates. It has a special feature that when it kills a crewmate, the crewmate also becomes a zombie. The new zombies also have the same tasks. They also try to make the crewmates a zombie. When they kill all the crewmates, the zombie wins the match. If the crewmates want to win the match, they have to vote for a zombie and kill the zombie. In this way, the crewmates will win the match. It is a great role with a lot of fun, but it is not confirmed that it will be introduced in the new update.


It is the very best role among all the new roles in Among Us. This role has special abilities and features. It is like the crewmate, but when a crewmate has a detective role, it gains special abilities. When a detective reports a dead body, then it can collect some special hidden information. This information is very helpful to find and vote out the imposters. So the detective role can easily find out the imposters.  But there are some rules for this role. So this role introduces great fun and entertains the players. We can say that each player wish to get this special role to make best his gameplay.


The terminator is a special role like imposters. In a match with a terminator, have no imposters. The role of the terminator is the same as the imposter, but it has some special abilities. The task of the terminator is to kill the crewmates and make difficulties for crewmates. But it has a special ability that it can change its color according to his wish. It can adopt the color of other crewmates. In this way confuses the other crewmates, and it becomes difficult to find out the terminator. So this role also adds fun to the gameplay.


The mutant role is overpowered role will be available in Among Us in the new update. This role has some special features. The mutant role can teleport itself anywhere on the map. Also, the mutant has other abilities that help him to complete the task easily. The mutant role is the same as a crewmate, but it has some special abilities. It is hoped that there will be a lot of fun in Among Us after the addition of the mutant role.

Download and Play Among Us on PC

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