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New World MMO by Amazon Games – The Game’s Storage System, How To Reset Quests and The Two PvP Modes


The Storage System of New World

Banking in New World comes in the form of a personal storage unit located in each Settlement. You can find the storage locations by opening up the map using the default key of “M” and scrolling in on a settlement until you can see the icons. The storage icon is noted by a box or chest icon on the map.

In order to access your storage, just make your way over to that location and use the storage container. You can move items into and out of your storage while accessing a storage container. You can not access your storage anywhere else in the world. You must be standing at a storage container to use it.

The storage capacity is based on weight, not the number of items, so you are limited as to what you can store in your storage. It’s important to note that your storage is localized. This means that each Settlement has different storage. For example, you run to the First Light Settlement and put 200 ore in that storage. You then make your way up to Everfall. While in Everfall, you use the storage container in that Settlement. The 200 ore you stored in First Light will not be there because it’s in the First Light storage and not the Everfall storage. So, the only way to get that 200 ore would be to go back to First Light and retrieve it from the First Light storage.

But any two settlements controlled by the same faction will have their settlement storage linked. Players can transfer items from storage linked to their current location for a coin fee.

You can increase your storage capacity in each Settlement by increasing your standing within that territory and choosing the increased storage capacity bonus. When you increase your capacity in one territory, it applies only to that territory. It is not a global increase for every storage location.

Resetting a Quest

In New World, you may want to abandon the mission to start it from scratch or simply because you don’t want to do it right now and you don’t want to see it in your journal. So these tips will help you to reset a quest in the New World MMORPG.

Getting rid of a Quest is simple:

Step 1: Open a Quest Journal by pressing “J” key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Find the quest and look to the right. The Reset button is located right below the Pin button. Click it, and you will see a confirmation window where you will need to confirm the action.

Step 3: Confirm your decision. That’s all.

Keep in mind, after the quest is abandoned, all your previous progress with this mission will disappear. But you can take it once again and do it from the beginning. To take a mission once again, go to the quest giver. He will be standing at the same place where he was previously. Talk to him and take the mission again.

Too many quests in a journal may look annoying for some people and right now, it can make the journal look better. Also, this feature may be very useful if you understand that the quest isn’t for you and you don’t want to finish it.

The Two PvP Modes in New World: War & Outpost Rush

Amazon Studios’ upcoming MMORPG New World tries to open up a place in the crowded MMO space under the real dominant force in World of Warcraft. Like many other games in the field, it hopes to attract New World players by participating in PvE and PvP battles.

Yes, there will be two modes of PvP content in the new world. While a player will never be required to flag for PvP, the player certainly wants PvP to have a unique and meaningful role in Aeternum. Open world PvP and Wars will allow players to lay claim to Aeternum through conquest and benefit all players in their faction.


War is a large-scale PvP battle that has never appeared in any other MMO game. A team of 50 players fights to control the entire territory or settlement. Controlling a settlement or faction brings benefits to controlling factions and companies.

Factions can launch wars after weakening the required territory through factional missions. Once the territory enters a state of conflict, a company of the faction will be randomly selected to form the vanguard and lead the first charge of the war.

When the war begins, the attackers must break through the walls of the territorial fortress and occupy its territory. The attacker must first capture three rally points before breaking through the wall. Once occupied, these rally points can be used as respawn points. Both sides can use various siege weapons and traps to help them in the war.

Outpost Rush

New World’s newer PvP mode is called Outpost Rush. In Outpost Rush, two teams of 20 players fight against NPC enemies and fight each other to control specific resources and fortifications. Players can earn points by killing enemies and occupying outposts and fixing points around the map. Level 60 players can jump into Outpost Rush solo or as a group of up to 5 players.

Each team will start in their fort on opposite sides of the map. Between the two forts, you’ll find three outposts: Luna, Sol, and Astra. Each outpost can be captured by standing inside its capture point. You gain points for holding outposts and killing enemy players. Outposts grant 1 point every 3 seconds, and PvP kills are worth 1 point. The first team to reach 1,000 points wins! While the rules of engagement are straightforward, there are several components to each Outpost Rush match, so you have multiple ways to secure victory.

PvP is one of the most important parts of the progression system in the New World MMORPG. It brings a “new level of social dynamism that no other game has.”

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