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Optimizing DDI Infrastructure, Increasing Employee Productivity, and Ensuring Business Continuity


If you have a business computer network, then you might already know a little bit about DDI. DDI means integrating three elements: IPAM, DHCP, and DNS. When you talk about DDI, it means you’re combining these elements to make controlling them a more uncomplicated prospect.

Most business entities with complex computer networks will want to implement a streamlined DDI infrastructure. Some of them hire outside companies to do that for them, although you might use an internal solution if you have particularly skilled IT personnel.

If you’re wondering what some of the basic ways are to optimize your DDI infrastructure, we have suggestions that should get you headed in the right direction. We’ll also discuss ensuring business continuity and increasing employee productivity. 

Limit Employee Website Access

Before talking about optimizing DDI infrastructure, we should discuss monitoring what your employees are doing online. It’s sad but true that some workers will take advantage of business hours to procrastinate if you’re not keeping track of what they’re doing.

They might use your network to:

Access gambling sites

Watch TV or movies

Browse social media platforms

If you want to avoid this type of activity, there are solutions you can put in place that will maximize employee productivity. For instance, you can install safeguards that will block unwanted sites or steer network users away. You can put only the sites you want on an approved white list.

Business Continuity Solutions

You can also set up business continuity software solutions to ensure that your network will continue functioning even under considerable strain. Some examples might be:

DHCP failover

DNS redundancy  

DHCP failover refers to a mechanism where you configure two DHCP servers to manage the same address pool.

Network admins sometimes do this so that the two servers together can share the assigned lease load for that pool. This is rarely a viable solution when you have a sizeable address pool, though, so you might use your software to develop another option.

DNS redundancy means using your software to create a second DNS network that can share the same infrastructures as the original one. That includes elements like data centers and servers.

If you have this setup, then even if the first network crashes, you can turn to the second one, so there is no revenue and reputation loss.

Hiring an Expert DDI Infrastructure Company

As for DDI infrastructure and how you can best maintain it, one way is to hire a company to look at the system you have in place. They can then make suggestions or sell you a software package that can help you tremendously in this area.

These companies can do an overall security assessment that looks at elements like your IP management, DHCP, and DNS. If the way you’re handling any of them seems lacking or reckless, they can tell you what to do about it.

You might purchase a customizable software solution from them, or there are also hardware or cloud-based solutions. Which one works best for you will depend on many factors, not the least of which is your company’s computer network size.

The larger and more complex your network is, the more likely you’ll need a highly-customized (and expensive) solution.

How Can You Be Certain You Are Hiring the Right Company?

If you want the right company to optimize your DDI infrastructure, part of what you’ll have to do is look at different ones and see their specialty areas. There are some that can help you if you deal with government contracts, for instance, and you have to follow extremely rigid protocols.

There are some companies that can help you if you’ve gone to a business model with more remote employees. That’s happening more these days because of Covid-19, and when it does, you’ll have different concerns versus a business entity that’s operating a computer network out of a single building.

Above all, you’ll want to ask the companies on your shortlist whether they have prior experience helping entities like yours optimize their DDI infrastructures to prevent data breaches, network crashes, etc. If any company you approach is new to the game and doesn’t have the specific answers for which you’re looking, you should go with someone else.

Look on their website and see some of the other entities with whom they’ve done business in the past. You can also poke around online and see if you can get some unbiased feedback through Quora, Reddit, etc.

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