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The new $999 Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 undercuts Microsoft HoloLens pricing

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Remember Google Glass? Well, it is probably hard to come across someone wearing them just out and about. That is because the consumer Google Class devices were discontinued in 2015. Soon after that Microsoft released their version, the HoloLens.

Google Glass was a pioneer in augmented reality devices. It uses a tiny projector that beams out computer-generated images into the user’s field of view. The images appear like they are ‘floating’ in the real world in front of the user. The principal is more or less the same with the HoloLens.

Google’s attempt to market this product to the general consumer failed mainly because it was expensive. Additionally, it came with a built-in camera, which raised a lot of privacy and security concerns. That led to poor traction of the device, forcing Google to discontinue further productions in 2015.

Though the company kept tabs on its application to the enterprise users, Microsoft for one targetted the enterprise market from the launch of their HoloLens. It supplies the devices to businesses and even military; the U.S. military uses the HoloLens. The most affordable HoloLens starts at $3,500.

The new Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, running on the more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 and has long battery life costs just $999. There are also report that Google may lower the price further depending on the business and the type of contract they have between them.

It does not take an economics genius to see that Google is undercutting Microsoft. The main purpose being wresting the enterprise market for smart-glasses away from Microsoft. It is interesting to note that Smith Optics makes the frames of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, and they are fine tuned to look just like regular glasses. On the other hand, Microsoft HoloLens is obnoxiously conspicuously big glasses.

In February this year, Microsoft released a newer HoloLens model. Experts say it is still powerful than the one Google just released. It also overlays information on top of the real world; one which the user can view with both eyes. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, just like its predecessor, only has a small project fitted in front of just one of the eye.

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 can be operated from a paired mobile device via an app. That gives businesses greater flexibility with it as it can provide it to employees and control how they will be used remotely.

Google is pitching the device for use in logistics, manufacturing, and field services industry such as Deutsche Post DHL Group, Sutter Health, H.B Fuller, and AGCO.

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