To mark Safer Internet Day, Google releases Chrome extension that detects Stolen Account details

google safer internet day

It’s Safer Internet Day yall! A day set aside to create an appreciation and awareness for cybersecurity. Well to mark this important day, Google has released a new Chrome extension designed to alert people when someone else is using their stolen account details.

Google has released two updates to protect you online, they protect your usernames and passwords. One of which is an extension for Chrome desktop browser, while the other is called a Cross Account Protection.

In a bid to protect users’ usernames and accounts online from hackers and attacks, Google went and collected a huge pile of about four billion compromised credentials. After installing the Password Checkup on your computer, Google will embark on matching the data they collected with the one you are typing on your computer. Should there be a match, Google will alert you of a possible hack or attack on you.

The extension will automatically warn you and suggest you change your password if it finds your credentials in the database Google found to have been breached.

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