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by Felix Omondi Launches in South Africa to become A TripAdvisor Type of Medical Information Query

In response to the fact of just how cumbersome searching for medical information in Africa can be so hard. On September 16th, launched a site that works in the same concept as the TripAdvisor, but the instead of giving you information on travel and destination. This site gives you relevant medical information. rolled out in South Africa yesterday and has already garnered 500 clinics in its database. They also have a target of registering 500 more clinics in the following three months. The site was first launched back in 2007, by Caelen King, as a clinic comparison site and boosts of over 100,000 clinics in its database globally. The launching of in South Africa makes it now operational in 127 countries throughout the world. Launches in South Africa to become A TripAdvisor Type of Medical Information QueriesOur value proposition is based on empowering patients with easily accessible and centralized information to help them make informed decision about their treatment… specifically, where to source the right treatment for them,” said King.

According to the company, research shows a growing demand for online medical clinics information and more and more patients are starting to base their healthcare decision on what they read online. An average of 15.7 million people per year visits the site to look for and book clinics.

South Africa is seen as a strategic country for the company’s growth since patients from the country’s neighbors are increasingly turning to South African clinics for their treatments.

Out of the 500 clinics already registered under the’s database, it shows that many overseas patients travel to South Africa to undergo cosmetic and plastic surgery. This is entirely because of the treatment they will get in South Africa, but it also has something to do with the high quality of tourist accommodations, holiday activities and excursions available in the country.

Patients from overseas who enquire for dental surgery in South Africa has grown by 159% in just the past one year, while those enquiring for plastic surgery has gone up by 115%.

King points out two important factors overseas patients enquiring for medical information look for; genuine patients review and current information on prices and availability. King says, “This is where we are positioned and where we add value.”

The site lists the individual clinics information including, the location, working hours, staffing, treatment and prices. It also enables previous patients to give their review. The site also gives the clinics scores basing on their customer services, patients feedback and responsiveness.

Patients visit the site in order to locate a clinic, compare prices of various clinics and book for their treatments. The various types of treatments offered by the various clinics include plastic surgery, dental treatment, orthopaedic, physiotherapy and fertility services among others. The site also works to the advantage of medical practitioners and private clinic owners by widening their market both locally and internationally through a simple and effective online platform for patient reviews and feedback.

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