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Kenya’s First Local Antivirus: Bunifu Sniper Antivirus

by Felix Omondi

Kenya’s First Local Antivirus: Bunifu Sniper Antivirus
Bunifu SnipperKenya has made international headlines in technology development by coming up with a locally invented antivirus named The Bunifu Sniper Anti-Virus. This antivirus developed under the Bunifu Technologies Kenya, is believed to be the first antivirus to be developed from Kenya and Africa for that matter. The antivirus was developed by a group of nine young Kenyans from the Baringo County in Kenya.

According to one of the inventors from Bunifu Technologies Kenya, Mr. Keith Korir, “the Bunifu Sniper antivirus is the best antivirus currently in the market,  the Bunifu Sniper antivirus is indeed a great feat in terms of technological development from Kenya”. Bunifu Technologies released the antivirus to the market at the start of the year 2014.

The Bunifu Sniper antivirus is meant to give protection to business enterprises and consumers against viruses, spam, pop ups and spyware. It comes with various features such as antispyware, user control, privacy control and anti-virus protections. This makes it one of the best solutions to computer security, with the only difference being: it is “Made in Kenya”. According to the manufacturer, the antivirus does not decrease computer performance or interrupt normal computer activities as it scans and protect your computer.

Bunifu Sniper Antivirus Features:

The Bunifu Sniper antivirus was  developed by a team of skilled and experienced engineers and programmers from Bunifu Technologies Kenya. The protection given by the Bunifu Sniper is as follows:

  • Internet and Firewall Security.
  • Wireless and LAN scanner.
  • Document and File repair and restore.
  • File and Folder unlock.
  • Linux repair script generator.
  • Protection against piracy with the Bunifu anti-piracy Licensing module.
  • Batch Safe-mode repair script generator.

This antivirus by all respect seems to accomplish just as much as some of the well known antivirus like Avast and AVG among others. The systems requirement to run the Bunifu Sniper in your computer is as mentioned below:

  • A minimum processor speed of 1 GHz.
  • A minimum RAM size of 512 MB.
  • About 300 MB of free hard drive space in the partition having the operating system (Drive C).
  • Supports the following operating system as of now: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bits) and Windows 8 (32 & 64 bits).

According to Bunifu Technologies Kenya, the Bunifu Sniper antivirus is set to be the best antivirus in the world. The compaby stated that unlike other anti-viruses, Bunifu Sniper removes viruses which will still persist even after you run a full system scan with other antivirus, as well as those viruses which remain completely invisible to other antivirus.

The Bunifu Sniper has a file system scan engine and windows kernel services (which relies on virus definition database from Bunifu Technologies Kenya) working hand in hand to detect virus in the computer drives, removable media and networks. The Bunifu Sniper antivirus is able to scan data transmission over LAN and wireless networks, accessing network drives that have been shared based on the devices visible IP address or the Mac address and is able to do a full scan and disinfection of any found viruses.

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