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StarTimes Digital Decoders Prices Drops By 33 Percent

by Milicent Atieno

StarTimes announced a 33 percent price drop on the cost of acquiring its digital decoders. A move that is to see more Kenyans have access to digital TV and increasing StarTimes market share.

The announcement of StarTimes Digital Decoders Prices Drops By 33 Percent was made last Friday and took effect immediately across all StarTimes’ retail shops and distributors countrywide. The StarTimes Pay TV Digital Box previously retailed at Ksh. 2,999 ($34.28) will now cost Ksh. 1,999 ($22.85), while the StarTimes Free To Air STB that previous retailed at Ksh. 4,999 ($57.13) will now cost Ksh. 4,499 ($.51.42).

Currently, StarTimes Media boasts of a global subscription base of more than 10 million, out of which 4 million are from the 12 African countries it currently operates in. During the announcements of the price drop, StarTimes Media Vice President for Marketing, Hans Han said the strongest selling point for StarTimes is its flexibility to suit consumer needs. The company’s goal is to ensure that majority of Kenyan households have digital TV.

Hans said, “Access to digital television is no longer a luxury as more and more Kenyans embrace the technology. We are impressed by the headway so far in our quest to ensure the majority of Kenyan households have access to affordable digital television service. We continue to also develop value adds with the aim of giving subscribers a taste of our premium programming.”

In what seems like an additional complement to the price drop offer, StarTimes has further provided to the Free To Air subscribers a monthly free access to 5 different additional premium international channels to the current 13 plus the Local channels. The move is considered as value addition service to its current and potential subscribers.

These 5 additional channels are; National Geographic Gold, AMC, Sentanta Africa, Fox and Star Novela. StarTimes is positioning itself as a brand that is not only the most affordable, but also one with a range of competitively priced channels-package that includes Lifestyle, Sports, Documentaries, News, Movies and Kids’ Channels. The company intends to cover up to 90 percent of Kenyan households by the end of 2014.

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