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Twitter now supports Audio-only live broadcasts

by Felix Omondi
Live Broadcasts on Twitter will now appear at the top of your Timeline

Twitter has launched a new feature that will allow users to stream audio-only broadcasts live to their followers. It sort of works like a podcast, but on Twitter, with the followers only able to hear the broadcaster but not seeing them.

This feature was announced last Friday and currently limited to iOS users using the main Twitter app in combination with the company’s live-streaming app, the Periscope. If you’re on an iOS device and want to use this feature. You need to update to the latest version of the Twitter official app and then hit the ‘Go Live’ button located on the compose screen.

The move to add audio-only broadcast feature is seen as an attempt by the social media to diversify its portfolio into the live podcasting business together with audio-first content. The podcast business has proven to be profitable over the years, and Twitter now wants a piece of this growing cake.

More feature the Microblogging sites has added

Other than the audio-only broadcast, Twitter has also unveiled a number of other new features including the ‘Explore’ tab and Bookmark for desktop. Though most of these features are currently available to a limited number of users, before being availed to the general public.

Love to use Bookmarks and want it on the web? Into scrolling through Explore to see what’s happening? We are testing out a new Twitter for web, which a small number of people will see today. Love it? Missing something? Reply and tell us. Don’t have the new experience? Stay tuned,” said Twitter in a press statement.

What’s the Explore tab?

The new Explore Tab pulls up all the Moments, search, and trends among others things. All in one convenient place for your perusal.

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