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Google Files Go v/s. ES File Explorer, which is the better Files Manager for your Android Device?

by Felix Omondi

Android users have had the ability to explore the depths of their internal memory using the file management system that comes built-in on the device for a long time now. That is something that has not been available to iOS users for a while now. However, the default file manager app is not good enough for power users. That is why they turn to alternatives like Google Files Go and ES File Explorer.

In this article, we are going to pit Google Files Go versus the ES File Explorer and see which one ‘best’ the other one. Though the latter has been the market for longer and became the poster child for file manager apps.

When Google Files Go was launched (a bit recently), it has given the ES File Explorer a run for its money, but is it enough to overthrow it as the poster child for file manage apps? Let’s see in the review below:

#1 – Free Usage or Premium Price Usage?

Google’s backbone is the advertisement business, which makes Google Files Go interesting as it is available completely free and serves you zero ads.Google Files Go ES File Explorer

On the other hand, ES File Explorer has gotten more aggressive with ads all over the ‘home screen’ interface, so much so that it tends to get confusing when you open it for the first time. You can get premium ES File Explorer starting at $0.99 per month to remove the ads and get additional features like access to hidden files, new themes, and SMB 2.0 among others.Google Files Go ES File Explorer

#2 – Interface and Layout

Like we mentioned earlier, the first time you open ES File Explorer, you are met with a very busy interface showing a lot of ads. But once you find your way around, you can easily switch between categories like movies, apps, images, docs, and more when you click on the tiny down arrow. This file manager gives you better access on content in your memory based on the file type and format.Google Files Go ES File Explorer

In the first instance, Google Files Go seems less cluttered and finding your way around much easier. When you first open the app, the first thing it tells you is how much space you have left out of the total available space. The layout is divided into cards with different tabs for Browse and Share.

Google Files Go also allows you to share files with friends who also have the app installed without the need for internet connection. A feature that comes in quite handy when you want to get (or be given) an APK to an app you don’t already have. Perhaps get a video, music, or photo from a friend. ES File Explorer also has a feature that lets you share files with friends named as Sender that can be found under the Network option along the sidebar.

Google Files Go is well synced with Google Photos allowing you to seamlessly remove photos and videos already backed up to the Google Drive from your internal storage. No doubt a smart file management feature we all need to keep our device from drowning from all the selfies, Kodak-moments we are always taking with our camera phones.

#3 – Where ES File Explorer proves its king

For a long time now, the ES File Explorer has been the most popular file explorer app on the Play Store. It comes with plenty of features (especially the premium version) that include bare-bone must player, note editor, locker, and system manager.Google Files Go ES File Explorer

You will probably not like the bare-boned music player, as there are very many alternative apps on the Play Store with richer user experience. But the locker feature is sufficient enough for most people and it will save you the trouble of installing additional locker app.

The note/text editor is just good enough, but you probably got Google Doc or Microsoft Word to handle that.

#4 – Multiple Cloud Storage access

ES File Explorer connects seamlessly with various cloud storage services and even FTP servers. The app access popular cloud storage services including Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, Box, and Yandex among others. Webmasters will be glad to know the app supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that will enable you to manage the server from your Android device.Google Files Go ES File Explorer

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