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How to Tell Whether an Online Casino is Fair and Secure


Online casinos seem to be coming up by the day. This presents a headache to players, especially newbies who can’t distinguish a credible online casino like Rapid Casino (read more here) from suspicious ones. With cybercriminals also targeting the gaming industry, it’s best to know whether an online casino is fair and secure before signing up.

Qualities of a Legit Online Casino

Data encryption

You’ll know a casino is legit if it uses 128 or 256-bit encryption.Typically, casino’s store vast amounts of players’ crucial data, including addresses and bank account details. If this data leaks, the results could be severe. So, before you create an account on an online casino, check how secure it is. An easy way to do so is by checking your browser toolbar. If there’s “HTTPS” in front of the website name, it means they have an SSL certificate and that your data is encrypted.

Privacy Policies

Another way of identifying legit online casinos is by reading their privacy policies. These state how a casino intends to use your information. Some casinos sell or rent players’ information, and you should be wary of such. By signing up on an online casino that explicitly states they won’t sell your information, you have the assurance that it will be kept secure. Typically, companies’ privacy policies are found at the bottom of their site.


It’s a no-brainer that you shouldn’t play on an unlicensed online casino. Generally, online casinos undergo a rigorous process before they get licensed to operate. The licensing process may involve vetting by local or state gaming authorities. After opening, random inspections are often undertaken to ensure that everything the casinos do is above board.

However, that’s hardly the case with online gaming operators. The fact that they are web-based means almost anyone can open and operate a casino. Likewise, online gaming authorities and licensors tend to be a little lax. Therefore, it’s best to vet an online casino and ensure it’s licensed before signing up. Most online casinos post their licenses on their sites, which is something you should look out for.

Terms and Conditions

A legit online casino doesn’t shy away from telling you how it operates, but the same cannot be said of unscrupulous operators. Terms and conditions are the rules that everyone must follow. When shopping around for a legit online casino, ensure you read its terms and conditions. While at it, be keen on their cash-out policy, welcome bonus, withdrawals and deposits, and what happens whenever players hit the jackpot.

Number of Games and Players

Checking the number of games and players a casino has in its database can help you ascertain whether it’s reputable and worth your money. The more games and players a casino has, the more likely it is to be trustworthy and legit. Such operators are often proud to indicate the number of active users they have to assure newbies of their credibility.

Likewise, shady casino operators will never reveal the number of active users. You’ll notice they have free players and a poor game selection. Also, shady online casinos tend to have a low payout percentage and high withdrawal charges, which eat into your winnings.

When it comes to the number of games available at an online casino, trustworthy operators often have a wide selection. Besides, you’ll find a game or two from the leading developers in the industry, including Evolution Gaming and NetCent.

Deposit and Payment Methods

The safety of your deposits and withdrawals should be a key consideration when picking an online casino. Typically, casinos use third parties to handle their payments and withdrawals. So, it’s worth ascertaining that these third parties guarantee the security and safety of your personal information.

A trustworthy casino offers multiple withdrawal and payment options. Thus, if you come across an online casino that insists on one payment/withdrawal method, it’s best to be cautious. Also, ensure the available withdrawal and payment options are from reputable finance operators.

Fair Gaming Practices

Casino gaming is a game of chance and skill. Therefore, as long as you’re an active player, you should win at some point. If you keep losing all the time, something could be fishy. The obvious suspect is the casino’s random number generator. The random number generator employed by credible casinos gives everyone a fair winning chance. On the other hand, shady operators tend to rig the games in their favor.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on joining the online casino craze, you’re not alone. However, the rule of thumb is to join a legit casino that gives you a fair chance of winning. An online casino isn’t your time and money if the above-mentioned safeguards are not in place. Without the safeguards, a casino doesn’t meet the bare minimum requirements for security and fairness.

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