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Send Balloons, Shooting Stars, Confetti, Invisible Links in Messages in iOS 10

by Fahad Saleem

We exchange text messages with our friends and family daily on our phones. It is always good to fill what you do daily with fun and colors. That’s what Apple has given amazing messages features in iOS 10, its new iOS for iPhone, which is rolling out in beta and will be available for the general public by this fall. You can add bubbles, balloons, lasers and add fireworks in your messages app in iOS 10. You can literally convert all your screen to shooting stars, laser, confetti and different shapes in iMessage in iOS 10. This article is  guide to turn on bubbles slam and add fireworks and lasers in messages in iPhone.

How to Enable The New Messages Special Effects in iOS 10

Open the messaging thread and type in the message you want to send to your friend or family. Now press (hard press, 3D touch) on the send button.

You will see a bubble tab on the top. Select it if it is not already selected. You will see a list of different effects like Gentle, Invisible Link, Loud, Slam. Just select the effect which you want to add. Tap on the send button which is located at the right side of the effect (looks like an upward-pointing) arrow.

effects ios 10 messages 7

effects ios 10 messages 8

effects ios 10 messages 9

Enable Screen Effects and Send Them in Messages

You can also add beautiful screen effects in iOS 10 messages. Just type the message and 3D-touch press or touch press the send button (an arrow pointing upwards).

Now select the “Screen” tab and swipe right to left switch between to sift through and select the effects like laser, confetti, shooting stars, balloons and more. Now tap send option which is placed at the right side of every effect.


How these Effects Look Like?

Here is a little explanation of these new effects so you could get an idea before sending them.

Balloons effects send beautiful balloons flying around the screen.

Confetti effects show a dropping confetti from the top of the screen.

effects ios 10 messages 1

effects ios 10 messages 2

effects ios 10 messages 4

Laser effect shows and make sounds of lasers.

Fireworks show fireworks of different colors on the screen.

Shooting stars effect shows starts shooting and moving from one end of the screen to another.

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