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Women In Tech Africa Launching The Kenyan Chapter | Sept. 10

by Milicent Atieno
Women In Tech Africa Launching The Kenyan Chapter | Sept. 10

Women In Tech Africa Launching The Kenyan Chapter | Sept. 10Women in Tech Africa can now boast of over 500 members coming from more than 30 countries. The organization is also well on the track to recruit more member across the African continent.

Come September 10, 2015, Women in Tech Africa will be launching in Kenya and recruiting Kenyan female techies. The theme for the event is ‘Women Leadership and the African Technology Dialogue”.

The organization also has an ambitious plan to spread its roots into Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Canada, and Ghana by the end of this year.

The organization’s mission is to dilute the testosterone-filled tech space by encouraging more girls and women to pursue STEM-based education and careers. These fields have been historically viewed as a reserve for men, and no proper lady has any business to do in these fields.

Women in Tech Africa want to disrupt this socially-accepted norm by bringing together seasoned female leaders within the tech space who will act as a role model for other women. The organization will also spark an interest in STEM among young girls; provide peer-support for the women and girls who more often than not find themselves in tech rooms where the female gender is the minority.

Women in Tech Africa ran its inaugural pan-African women in tech webinar that brought together more than 150 women from different parts of Africa all from tech backgrounds. Leading to the establishment of a formal pan-African Network of Women in Tech who regularly organize come-together activities meant to support women across the continent who are venturing into technology.

The organization is the brainchild of ICT4D GH Foundation and started as an initiative to create female tech leaders and role models to inspire more young women and girls to take up STEM courses and careers.

In addition to creating the first pan-African Women in Tech webinar, the organization also holds quarterly meetings in Ghana to showcase the successes women in tech have obtained. At tomorrow’s event, Women in Tech Africa will be discussing topics touching on how to support women-led businesses, how to support startup entrepreneurs, and discussions on entrepreneurship across Africa and what lead to their success and failure.

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