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The Top 150 Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for Women |


As at the end of 2018, there were 9.4 million women across the U.S. who were enrolled in college classes, making up 56% of all undergrads students across the country. It is estimated that by 2028, the number of women students will reach 9.7 million in undergrad courses across the U.S.

However, most female students are grappling with the rising cost of college tuition. Across the country, both students and graduates are weighed down by $1.56 trillion debts in the form of student loans. A scholarship or an education grant would go a long way towards easing that burden, and as innov8tiv, we always endeavour to keep our readers in the loop on the latest scholarships, grants, and fellowships opportunities for women. Thus we came across the following listing by, and wish to share it with you.

Scholarships for Women [2019 – 2020]

With the right combination of scholarships, grants, and fellowships, your desire to graduate from college without student loan debt can be more than just a dream. Make it a reality!

Scholarships by Degree Level & Field of Study

Click on the scholarship type that most interests you:

Arts & Humanities


Business, Accounting, & Finance

Education & Teaching

General Scholarships

Graduate School Scholarships

AAPI Scholarships

International Students


Medicine, Health, & Nursing

Non-Traditional Students

Public & Social Services

Social Sciences & Government

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

Vocational & Trade

Scholarships for Women of Minority

All Minority Women

African-American Women

Asian Women

Hispanic / Latina Women

Native American Women

Grants & Fellowships for Women

Grants for Women

Fellowships for Women

Comprehensive Scholarship Guide for Women

With over 150 scholarships, grants, and fellowships geared specifically for women, there’s no shortage of financial aid available to you!

With this portion of the guide, we will answer frequently asked questions and help walk you through the process of applying for scholarship and student aid.

How to Pay for College

What are Scholarships?

Where to Find Scholarships

Common Scholarship Requirements

8 Tips on Applying for Scholarships

7 Common Scholarship Pitfalls

Challenges Faced By Female Students

Whether your educational goals are set or you are just beginning to consider your options, it’s never too early to begin looking at the scholarships available to your

For a more exhaustive list of Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for Women, head on to a comprehensive list by at this link

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