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How to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages without them knowing


Everyone today is on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the world’s most influential and frequently used messaging networks. Via this simple app, people from all corners of the globe get to connect. This includes you, your family, your wife, your kids, your neighbor, and possibly every other individual you’ve ever met.

For whatever good reason you might have, either for clarity about a suspected cheating spouse, monitoring your kids, or monitoring your staff, you can read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. You can achieve these with a WhatsApp spy app. WhatsApp spy app can essentially track a lot of information about the target user. The quest is all about picking the best one for deciding which WhatsApp spy to go for.

With the details below, you’ll get acquainted with how to read someone’s WhatsApp message without knowing and the best spy apps you should consider.

How can I see someone’s WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become a popular forum for individuals to share texts, media quickly. But when many individuals easily exchange information, interest increases, mainly when it involves your spouse one way or the other. It won’t be surprising if you start contemplating how to read WhatsApp messages from your phone.

There are many methods online about tricks (from simple to complicated) on how to hack into another person’s WhatsApp. Most of these tricks turn out to be scams as they bring no result in the long run. The only working way to access someone’s WhatsApp messages is to get spy software.

What is WhatsApp Spy app and How Does It Work?

The traditional method to see someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing is to gossip when they aren’t looking. This can be a challenging task because we are all always overprotective of our phones. And if eventually, you get to do so, it’s also impossible to go on for a long while. A WhatsApp spy app is a spy app that allows you to access and spy on someone’s WhatsApp conveniently without physical access to the phone.

A WhatsApp spy app, in particular, allows you to record WhatsApp messages, attached audios and video files, WhatsApp calls voice notes, secretly take images using the phone’s camera, and so on. Whatapp spy apps also enable you to access all Internet activities, calendar info, contacts, and even geo-location.

What Is the Best App to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

The best WhatsApp spy app is not only stealthy but is also convenient to use. If required, you can use them for weeks or even months. We have handpicked 5 top WhatsApp spy app to help you make a right decision.


mSpy has won the top spot automatically. It is a phone spy app that can remotely send you WhatsApp messages, including other data of an Android phone or iPhone. This app will access all chats and multimedia from WhatsApp, and all the information tracked can be sent to the user’s account. The app is very easy to setup.

mSpy provides a comprehensive description of the WhatsApp operation of the target:

You can access chats from WhatsApp.

Phone history tracker

Tracking of voice notes, calls & video logs is also supported.

All messages, including archived and deleted ones, can be retrieved and sent to your account.

You can monitor multiple WhatsApps on different devices at once.

This tracker for WhatsApp will function secretly, and target users will not detect it.


The second best solution is Spyic. It is top-rated spyware for tracking phones. This app is compatible with any phone, both Android and iOS. Spyic is extra stealthy and convenient. With the app, you can begin tracking someone’s WhatsApp activities in minutes. It’s swift to get Spyic up and to run. The app is easy to set up, and this can be achieved from your browser on the internet. You can use enjoy this function from the web browser too.


You can search for all the messages that the target has sent or received on WhatsApp.

On WhatsApp, Spyic shows you all the media files exchanged, including voice messages, photographs, and videos.

The app manages records of contact details as well. 


Theonespy phone spy software enables the user to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their phone and track all the operations carried out on the target user’s account. Because of its inclination towards online bullies, cybercriminals and data breaches, it is easy to avoid future risks on the social network app. Download and get TheOneSpy on the Rooted or Un-Rooted System and begin WhatsApp tracking and monitoring to protect children and adolescents from online hazards and get instant WhatsApp IM logs.

What you can do with Theonespy;

See someone’s WhatsApp messages 

Track texts, chats and read conversations on WhatsApp

Spy on audio and video conversations from WhatsApp

Track WhatsApp images, all media files, videos, audio files sent or received by the target user and can be saved to your account.


Spyera is a surveillance app for phones, tablets, and computers. It is made up of a simple interface that anybody can run. It also has a high range of compatibility.

It does, however, have a drawback, it needs Rooted and Jailbroken. Also, its price is a little on the higher end, given that Spyic provides the same functionality without cheaper rooting or jailbreaking.


Another simple spy app for Android and iOS devices is iKeyMonitor. It functions as a parental control software that controls and monitors the target user’s phone and is commonly used by parents from all corners of the globe. It is filled with many features, including geofencing, keystroke logger, WhatsApp monitoring, images, videos, SMS, app blocking, etc. However, a few downsides to it is, the guide is not so straightforward, and a few features are not available in the free trial.


Now we’ve taken you through five secure WhatsApp monitoring applications, and it’s up to you to pick. These applications are unique, regardless of what you choose. We recommend using mSpy, however, because it is a secure and trustworthy app with great reviews.

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