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The Power of the PDF Format


In the 1990s, it was challenging to share documents with different operating systems and computers. Thus, the Portable Document Format was created to solve the problem. Today, PDF has become one of the most popular formats on the planet.

Portability and Compatibility

As the P in PDF shows, PDF files are portable. That means you can transfer files without worrying about formatting issues occurring. Unlike other file formats, such as DOCX, once a PDF file is created, you can share the document with anyone, and the file’s fonts, images, tables, and other elements will remain the same. Most modern browsers and operating systems can open and display PDF files. The same PDF file will work just as well on systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux, and it will look the same. The distinct portability and compatibility elements of a PDF is the greatest power the PDF format has.

Converting PDFs to Other Formats

To make PDFs so portable and compatible, it means they are often read-only. So, if you want to edit a PDF, you could need to purchase costly software. However, you can easily convert PDF to other formats for free. That is beneficial in many ways, including the fact that you can make the file editable. If you need to edit PDF in word or another format, simply upload your PDF file to a free conversion platform and choose the format to which you want to convert. With many free online PDF converters and editors, you can also add watermarks, compress the PDF, and rotate or split the PDF.

The Small Size of PDFs

Compared to other file formats, a PDF can compress files to a much smaller size. That means it will not take up lots of space on your computer or as an email attachment. If you have limited storage, the small size of a PDF can be very advantageous.

The Versatility of PDFs

PDF files are not just fantastic for text documents. A PDF can be used for images, graphics, vectors, assignments, presentations, spreadsheets, annual reports, and many more. A PDF is versatile and powerful enough to handle whatever kind of content you want to include. The distinct versatility alone means PDFs are miles ahead of other formats. And you can have peace of mind that whatever content is included in the file, the formatting will remain the same.


Another powerful element of the PDF is it is very secure. You can easily make a PDF file password-protected to ensure it is not viewed by anyone unauthorized to see it. The password element also means a PDF is completely safe to transfer via email or messaging apps. You also have the option of removing and changing passwords. For a wholly secure file format, PDF is unparalleled.


Due to all of the above features, a PDF file is seen as being more professional than others. It is commonly used for important things like resumes, legal agreements, and invoices. So, by using a PDF for things like applying to a job, you will create a more professional appearance.

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