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How To Make a Website for Free – Part 1

by Fahad Saleem
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How To Make a Website for Free – Part 1

How to make a website is a hot questions these days, mainly because of the revenue and fame a good website can give you. Gone are the times when creating a website would require the services of a specialized web development company and a team of expert web designers. Earlier, people used to design HTML pages, and then these pages were coded on websites using scripting languages such as PHP. Finally, the web pages were uploaded to a web hosting company. Moreover, a lot of money had to be spent to make a website, depending on its content.

Using Web Development Platforms to Make a Website for Free

Making a website has become quite easy in recent times. These days you don’t need to have any kind of technical skills of programming, database management, or web development to create a website. You don’t even need to spend cash for this purpose. All the technical stuff is embedded in various platforms that only require you to post your web pages. Website building is getting more traction lately, thanks to the platforms such as Wix and Blogger. Many of these services also offer Premium packages if you want to avail extra features, for only a small monthly fee.

The following are some of the best programs that offer services of making a website for free.


Blogger by Google is by far the best blogging platform for website developers. It’s quite simple and easy to use. You need to have a Google account to make a blog using Blogger. You can easily build a community, and customize the appearance of your blog. There are millions of free tools and gadgets that you can employ to improve your blog. Even the basic layout works fine. All your posts could be shared over the internet that could be accessed from worldwide. You can embed text, pictures, and videos into your pages. This platform is ideal for those who just love to write content for attracting the public to visit their blogs.

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Wix provides a simple and convenient platform for designing Flash websites, MySpace layouts and more. You can choose from a broad range of design templates or start with a black canvas. You can use your browser-based interface for creating a website. Wix provides plenty of innovative tools in getting your job done in an efficient manner. It contains everything from photo albums to Google Maps, animation effects, and RSS feeds. You can also add pictures from Flickr and videos from video hosting sites such as YouTube in a matter of few clicks only.

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The design interface is quite fast as well as sleek. Creating pages, posts, and accessing them for editing is quite straightforward.  Your website is hosted on Wix’s server for quick and easy publishing.


WordPress is a sensational platform for creating your own free website or blog. It contains thousands of themes and plugins to transform the shape of your website into almost anything you wish. It is simple, fast, and convenient to use. It boasts over 60 million subscribers at the moment. It also contains native applications for Android, WebOS, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. These applications allow a limited set of options, including those for adding new blog posts, moderating comments, commenting, replying to comments in addition to the ability to view the statistics. All in all, it is a great tool for making a website for free.

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