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Top Mobile Games Based on Movies


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Movie tie-ins used to be one of the bleakest things in video games. In the late eighties, when the Nintendo Entertainment System was the king of consoles, seemingly every game that was released onto it that was based on a movie, turned out to be shockingly bad. There were many terrible titles that were just hurriedly cobbled together to try and make a quick buck, with the games just riding on the coat-tails of popular movie releases, as they knew kids would buy them out of name recognition.

Some of the biggest offenders include; 1987’s Karate Kid, 1989’s Back to the Future, and 1991’s Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure, which wasn’t actually excellent at all. Interestingly, all these games were developed by LJN, who are infamous for making many of the 15 worst NES games of all-time.

Thankfully, developers nowadays are more committed to using the ideas of a movie to make a cracking game, and that’s true on loads of different consoles. Today though, we’re focusing on our picks for top mobile games based on movies, so you can play all these whilst you’re on the move.

Ice Age Adventures

The Ice Age series has been putting smiles on both kids’ and adults’ faces since the first entry in the franchise was released into movie theatres back in 2002. There’s now been a total of 6 titles in the series, with the most recent being the direct-to-streaming entry, The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, coming out earlier this year on Disney+.

Buck Wild isn’t the only one that can have exciting escapades in the Ice Age world though, as you just need to play Ice Age Adventures, to have your own. The lovable Scrat, the squirrel that seems destined to forever chase after an acorn, has accidentally caused the earth to break apart due to his frenzied scurrying.

It’s your job to round up the lost members of the gang, who are floating out at sea. You achieve their rescue by completing a variety of amusing mini-games, such as puzzles inspired by Candy Crush, and a fun Mario Kart clone. The diversity of these will keep you coming back to Ice Age Adventures, during any downtime you get on your travels out in the real world.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

There are not many movies that have inspired as devoted a fanbase as the Harry Potter franchise. The magical series was, of course, based on the insanely popular JK Rowling books, and beautifully managed to recreate all the spellbinding moments from page to screen. If you’re one of the millions of muggles out there who continue to wish you get delivered an invitation to Hogwarts by owl, then Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the mobile game for you.

This incredible game allows you to create your own wizard character, and then immerse them into the Hogwarts student experience. You get to learn spells and potions as you go, and craft friendships that will make your stay a blast. Even though the game is a couple of years old, it’s a great example of how mobile gaming is changing in 2022 and beyond.

Ted Pub Fruit Series

Seth MacFarlane was known as being one of the funniest comedy writers in mainstream media, with his wacky cartoon series Family Guy gaining masses of fans worldwide since its inception back in 1999. So, when MacFarlane was due to release his directorial debut, Ted, a movie about a foul-talking teddy-bear, in 2012, there was masses of anticipation. Fortunately for his fans, the movie turned out to be a laugh-riot, and there was even a sequel released a few years later.

Ted Pub Fruit Series brings all the hilarity of the movie to a riveting online virtual slot machine. Developed by Blueprint Gaming, who have been making exquisite games for over twenty years, since their creation in 2001. It’s a 5 line virtual slot, designed to echo a bar’s faithful retro fruit machine, and features loads of gags and cut-scenes from the smash-hit comedy. It’s also designed to easily be played in full portrait mode on mobiles.

You can find it over at Vegas Slots Online, who have all the best mobile casinos in one place. Every day, more and more gamblers choose to jump from desktop gaming to mobile, meaning they can play their favourite slots on the go. They’ve discovered that they don’t have to compromise at all for this convenience, with the games loading super quick, and also having exceptional graphics. Plus, they have masses of bonus offers available, such as free spins to enjoy.

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