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Best New iOS and Android Apps From March

by Fahad Saleem

March 2015 see a huge influx of new iOS and Android apps on the app stores as it happens every month. Out of thousands of apps, only a few stand out because mostly, developers are targeting the same niches which are already covered by famous apps like photo editing, simple games, notes. We will cover the best new iOS and Android apps from March 2015 which are really useful and can give you benefits in daily life.


HERE app brings offline navigation on your iPhone and Android. You can download maps in your phone and navigate them wherever you are without the need of internet or GPS. This is a really useful app as many users don’t have internet on the go and Google services and maps don’t work in many countries. This app is also available on Android.

best apps from march 1

Ulysses (iOS)

Ulysses may have a hefty price tag ($19), but mind you, it is one of the best writing and editing apps for iOS. It offers rich text editing, photo insertion, table making, fonts, footnotes, document editing and writing features. This is a great option for writers and students who are looking for a writing and document editing app for iPhone or iPad.

best apps from march 2

CM SnapShare (Android)

CM SnapShare is a great app for file sharing. You can add as many people as you want in a session, select a file and send it. The receivers have the option to download the file or delay or postpone it for a download later.

best apps from march 3

What’s Up (Android)

What’s Up is my favorite app and it is probably one of the best new Android apps for march 2015. This app does what this world needs: it uses the Cognitive Behavior Therapy and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) techniques to help you tackle anxiety, depression, stress. It has beautiful charts, problem-solving tables, fact-sheet about how to fight negative thoughts, how to do exercise regularly. What’s Up also gives you a way to leave bad habits and adapt good habits.

best apps from march 4

GIPHY (Android)

Facebook recently announced that it will allow third party apps for its Messenger. So the best news is that you could now send GIFs directly in Facebook messages and yes! There’s an app for that. Meet GIPHY, the best app to send direct GIFs in Facebook Messenger. It has thousands and thousands of GIFs and you can select anything under famous categories like WTF, Seriously, Reactions, Taunts, Trolls etc.

best apps from march 5

Periscope (iOS)

You must have heard all the rant and talk about Meerkat, an app that garnered billions in funding and a lot of media hype just after the launch because of its unique idea. The idea was to let users live stream anything they think worthy or streaming or sharing to the world in the form of video. To tackle Meerkat, Twitter launched its own live streaming app ‘Periscope’. Periscope is currently launched for iOS. It integrates with Twitter nicely and you can live stream anything interesting and people around the world could see, retweet and favorite that stream.

best apps from march 6


These were some best new Android and iOS apps from March 2015. I am sure these apps would help you in your daily life and increase your productivity. If you think I missed any new app worth mentioning, share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo Source: Digital Trends, PhoneArena

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