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The Digital Evolution of Posters


Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Traditional posters will never go out of style. However, technology and digitization is now showing on the walls of many homes.

Autumn is on its way and for many, this is the time to make changes in one’s life. Since our furnishing and home décor is something we enjoy every day, and that can have a large impact on our mood, making changes at home is one of the most effective ways to attain new elements in the everyday life.

Decorating your home with posters is an easy way to give your walls and entire residence a face-lift. Posters come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. By experimenting with this, and different motifs and colors, you can make your home feel more homely and lively.

Digitization in Home Décor

Lots of homes around the world are nowadays filled with smart tech gadgets. Today, we can install everything from smart doorbells to smart coffeemakers. The main idea of these gadgets is to make the resident’s life easier. But digitization is finding its way into almost all parts of our lives, and now there are also tech gadgets developed only for aesthetic purposes.

For example, so-called digital posters are becoming more and more common. Although the traditional poster will never go out of style, this might be an interesting alternative for the tech nerd.

A digital poster is pretty much the same as the traditional one. It hangs on your wall with the purpose of attracting interest, coloring your home, making it look cozier and more stylish. However, the big difference between these two is that the digital poster does not consist of a motif printed on paper. Instead, you place a digital image in a screen, which is then placed in a frame.

Digital Posters for Companies and Early Adopters

This concept has since long been popular to use for companies. In many cities, we see digital posters everywhere we go. It is an effective marketing strategy, to put the company name on a screen where lots of people can see it. Digital posters can also be seen in restaurants, where the menus are placed on a screen hanging over the counter. Here, McDonald’s might be the best example.

However, in the last few years, digital posters have moved into more people’s homes. One of the first steps was that TV screens were now showing different kinds of art when turned off. Here, the owner of the TV can choose between lots of motifs and change them whenever he or she wants, making the screen a piece of art that becomes a natural part of the décor nearby.

Now, some early adopters have taken it one step further, and hang poster screens on their walls. This is still quite unusual to see, most people still prefer the traditional posters. One of the reasons is probably that a screen tends to be way more expensive than a print. But in the future, the digital poster might be the standard way of showing our pieces of art.

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