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Fix: Google Chat and Spaces not available on Gmail App

by Felix Omondi

So, you have just bought a new Android phone or had to factory reset your regular smartphone. You now keep missing all your Google Chat and cannot locate the Google Spaces within your Gmail app. This article will walk you through activating Chat and Spaces within the Gmail mobile app.

PS – Google has baked in these features on the Gmail app, but you can also find a separate app for just the Chat and Spaces.

It sucks switching between Google Chat and Gmail

I don’t know about you, but it sure does suck having unnecessary apps on the phone and having to switch between them if you can just use one app to rule them all. Gmail is that one app that can natively bring you not just your emails but also Chat, Spaces, and Hangout all without switching to another app.

If you cannot locate the Google Chat and Google Spaces on the Gmail app, please follow the instructions below:

Launch your Gmail app, tap on the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the app, scroll down to Settings, and tap it.

If you have several email accounts linked to the Gmail app, choose the Google email account for which you would like to activate the Chat and Space feature. Scroll down to General and check the checkbox next to Chat.

At this point, the Gmail app will restart, and once it relaunches, and at the bottom, you will notice you have three tabs

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