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How to Set Up Discord on PS5 Console

by Felix Omondi

Would you like to set up your Discord community live on PS5? This article elaborates on how you can set up your online community for easy access on your PlayStation 5 console.

Discord might not be a familiar online chatting platform for people outside the gaming and tech world. You are familiar with conventional platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, and Google Hangout.

However, Discord is a popular online platform for chatting and virtual hangouts within the gaming and general tech community. Gamers can even set up their servers and host forums for friends or communities to discuss their unique shared interests.

Discord has cool features, including text and voice chats, screen sharing, and streaming. Indeed, these cool features give gamers a strong sense of community while playing from the seclusion of their own bedrooms. If you’re one such gamer who feels disconnected from the world because of your gaming hobby. You can start socializing online by setting up Discord on your PS5 console.

How to Set up Discord on PS5

First, sign up for a PlayStation Network (PSN) profile and log into it on your PS5 console. It is also recommended that your system must be up-to-date. Next, you must install the Discord app on your smartphone; it’s available on both App Store and Play Store. It goes without saying you need to sign up (sign in) to your Discord account.

With your Discord account up and running on your smartphone, go to your PS5 console and navigate to Settings > Users and Accounts > Linked Services. Now, pick the Link with Other Services > Discord. At this point, a login prompt will pop up with a QR code to scan.

Launch the Discord app on your smartphone, tap the profile icon located at the bottom right, and tap on Connections. Now, scan the QR code display on the PS5 screen. Authorize the linking of your Discord account to your PS5 console.

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