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How to Boost Sales on Instagram with Content?


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In the digital space, the main trigger for high sales is trust. That’s why more businesses focus on personal brand creation and form long-term relationships with people by broadcasting value. In this article, you’ll find out how to affect your potential clients with content and interact with them maximally productive.

How to write selling posts?

The approach to promoting on Instagram should always be strategically thought out. People do not buy a product, but a solution to their problems. So, before creating a content plan, it is worth developing a detailed portrait of your target audience. This will allow you better understand your customers’ tasks, pains, problems, as well as their objections and fears. With this approach, you will create much more engaging, interesting and selling content, as it is entirely built around the needs of a specific member of your target audience.

With the abundance and variety of content, it is important to draw users’ attention with a catching headline. It should reflect your customers’ pains, engage with triggers and bright adjectives.

At the beginning of the post, actualize the problem and indicate the experience that the reader goes through. In the main part of the text, make 3-5 good tips to help solve the problem you identified in the title. In case you were able to convey your ideas to people, your subscribers will be grateful to you, and then it is worth transferring them to the next part of your selling post, the call to action. There is a rule on social media: “Sell in person, give back publicly”. That is, when you broadcast maximum value, your audience trusts you and becomes more loyal. But to close more deals, you need to convert your readers into leads. This can be done with a lead magnet, useful material that becomes available after completing a call to action. For example, if you are a nutritionist, you can write that you are ready to send a collection of healthy recipes to those who will write a private message. Thus, you filter out the users and work with the targeted audience segment.

Selling begins with trust, and in social networks, it can be increased through high statistics and involvement in the profile. Many entrepreneurs delegate this task to professionals and buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, saves, and other activity metrics. As a result, people perceive the content as demanded, and convert to customers easier.

How to package your competencies?

Instagram is a visual social network, so if you want to sell successfully you need to take care of the “beautiful picture”.

If you are shooting indoors, ensure good light. When shooting outdoors, choose cloudy weather so your photos will be softer. Don’t forget that properly presented photo, video content is the main key to successful Instagram sales. So look for the angle that can best show the product. If you feel that you do not have good taste in photos, then hire a photographer. This investment will pay off many times over.

Instagram provides a wide range of opportunities for content implementation, so adhere to multi-format to influence different channels of perception and reach a greater number of audiences.

In the main feed format, talk about yourself and create post-acquaintance, make a presentation about your product and show its benefits, make a post about typical mistakes, write about myths associated with your business, and do a useful collection of life hacks.

In Stories, it’s effective to post reviews and photos of satisfied customers from messengers and tag the person who left them, show the process of production or service delivery, post announcements of events or new products, show your workspace and workflow. Use stickers to involve the audience with quizzes, questions, and surveys.

More people start to engage the audience, sell products, and strengthen their personal brands through live broadcasts. It’s an opportunity to have live interaction with you in real-time, to communicate, ask questions, and get feedback. Video content is the most effective format of interaction, so prioritize it in your promotion strategy.

To sum up, content marketing is a strategy for the long term. With the right approach, you can build a community of loyal users and the cost of subscribers and leads will gradually diminish.

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