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5 Things you Didn’t Know Facetune was Capable Of


So, you’re visiting Paris, your dream holiday destination. You take a selfie in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower to share it with your Instagram followers.

You’re about to post the picture when you notice that the crowd in the background is taking the spotlight away from your face. Or maybe there’s a strand of runaway hair on your forehead that’s stealing attention from your eye makeup.

You could always try snapping more selfies. But the chances are slim that you’ll get that perfect shot with nothing but the Eiffel Tower in the background and every hair in place.

The good news is that photo editing apps, such as Facetune have made it easier than ever to tweak your selfies for social media. Whether you’re a professional content creator or someone who enjoys documenting their life on social media, Facetune offers numerous unique retouching features to jazz up your photographs.

What Is Facetune?

Launched in 2013, Facetune is the brainchild of four students at Hebrew University, who left academia to found a startup. Developed and published by Lightricks, the app offers easy-to-use photo and video editing tools.

Facetune doesn’t restrict you to basic editing tasks, such as changing the brightness and contrast of your pictures or adding a pre-designed filter. Instead, you get access to powerful features that enhance your selfies in a natural way.

From whitening your teeth to concealing your dark circles, you can make various modifications to make your selfies more appealing. While it may not always be possible to get soft dewy skin in real life, Facetune helps you express yourself with confidence on social media.

The newest version of Facetune offers a plethora of sophisticated features that can take your selfies up a notch. In the following sections, we’ll outline a few cool features that work like magic on your photographs. Let’s dive right in.

What Does Facetune Do?

Facetune’s photo editor opens a wide array of possibilities for content creators, influencers, and everyday social media users. Here are a few things you can accomplish with its various tools, which you might not have known about.

Changing the Background

How many times have you taken a selfie in the bathroom and thought you looked stunning? Of course, the bathroom tiles and shower curtains don’t make the best background. But that doesn’t mean you should let a good selfie go to waste.

With Facetune, it only takes a few taps to change the background in any photograph. You can choose from various backgrounds available on the app. Or you can even upload a picture from your phone and use it as the background of your selfie.

Whether it’s been your dream to walk the red carpet or share a frame with penguins, Facetune’s “Background” tool makes it possible.

Image via Instagram

Above you can see how singer Bebe Rexha used the feature to amp up the glam in one of her pictures.

Fixing Your Hair

In an ideal world, you’ll enjoy a good hair day every day. But various factors, including the sun, pollution, dust, and ambient lighting, can make your hair look dull or lifeless in pictures. But that’s nothing Facetune’s “Hair” tool can’t fix.

Have you always wanted to know whether you’d look good with blue hair? Now you can find out without spending your fortune dyeing your hair blue. All you have to do is use the “Hair” tool and select a color of your choice.

Image via Instagram

If you’re not in the mood to change your hair color, you can also use the tool to add a few glitzy highlights to your do. It’s an excellent way to look like a million dollars without splurging.

Trying New Clothes

Who enjoys wearing the same clothes in all their pictures? Absolutely no one. But buying a new outfit to look good in every selfie isn’t always practical. Instead, you can use the “Clothes” tool to change the color of your clothes. You can even add new prints and designs to a dress to make it look brand-new.

Image via Instagram

 Above you can see how Instagram user Reachal Lou spiced up her ordinary outfit using the sequins print on Facetune.

Patch and Vanish

Photobombers are everywhere. It could be your best friend trying to annoy you while you take a selfie at the beach. Or it could be a garbage bin on an otherwise aesthetic alley that you didn’t notice while clicking the picture.

Facetune’s “Patch” tool and “Vanish” option come to your rescue whenever you need to remove unwanted objects (living or inanimate) from the background. The tool is ideal when you’re on holiday and want to take selfies in front of popular tourist attractions. It’s what many influencers use to get picture-perfect shots while traveling.

Image via Instagram

In this example, you can see content creator Moia’s final edited version of the image, which allows her face and outfit to pop. Click through to the original post to compare it to the pre-edit photo, which included some distracting signs on the building behind her.

It’s All in the Eyes

Are you one of those people whose hands start trembling at the thought of trying contact lenses? Wouldn’t it be great if you could flaunt blue or green eyes without the anxiety and discomfort of wearing contacts?

Facetune’s “Eyes” tool makes that possible with a few easy taps. You can change the color of your eyes, add reflections, or get rid of the annoying red-eye. Or you could brighten your natural eye color and whiten the remaining area for a more glamorous look. It’s just what you need to add an element of mystery to your selfies without trying too hard.

Image via Instagram

Here you can see makeup artist Miss Mixed experimenting with rainbow irises to match her face paing creations.

In Conclusion

Your attitude and confidence make your selfies attractive. But it doesn’t hurt to use an app like Facetune to accentuate how you want to express yourself. Whether you want to try a new hair color or change the way you dress, the app offers numerous options to work on your appearance and craft a unique image on social media.

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