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5 Ways to Inexpensively Improve Your Car Interior


Some people put so much work into their car’s exterior – making sure it’s freshly washed and freshly waxed, the tires have the perfect PSI, the hub caps are sparkling, and so forth. But what about the interior?

Most of us spend vastly more time inside our cars than we do appreciating their exteriors. You stand to up your car’s resale value and drive in comfort and luxury while you’re at it. Here are five ways you can easily boost your car’s interior.

Create Custom Pins for the Roof

If your vehicle has a soft, netted ceiling, why not cover it with custom pins that show off your passions and interests? Design your own custom pins to show off exactly what makes you who you are: book pins, food pins, pins that correspond to your zodiac sign or favorite sports team. You can create a perfect little accessory to marvel at while you drive.

Put Up Pipe Lights

You can buy battery-operated string lights that come in a sleek, easy-to-mount rope or pipe. While driving at night, whisk yourself away to your own private club. Or, calm it down by putting on soothing blue and purple lights that will have you feeling like you’re driving across the midnight sky.

You can even hook the lights up to your sound system so they react to the music. Pump up the jam and watch your lights pump it up, too.

Add a Phone Mount

Distracted driving claimed the lives of over 3,500 people in 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s not just texting and driving, either. Plenty of people get into serious wrecks while looking up directions and perusing navigation apps.

Getting a phone mount can help cut down on the urge to stare down at your phone while driving. Simply input the address of your intended destination on your navigation app and affix your phone to the mount on your dashboard. When the phone is parallel to the road, you don’t ever have to look away from what’s in front of you. That’s driving done smart.

Repaint the Interior Trim

Everyone knows what trim is with regard to homes and car exteriors. But did you know your car has an interior trim? “Trim” simply refers to the expanse from the dashboard over to the control panel to the steering column, and usually, it’s a muddy old black.

Bring your car back to sparkling life by giving your trim a fresh coat of paint. Prioritizing the beauty and cleanliness of the inside of your car will help boost its resale value too.

Customize Your Seat Belts

You might not know that you can customize your seat belts. These life-saving devices are – of course – more important for their function than for their aesthetics. But hey, if you’re going to use it ever day, it may as well look good. Swap the traditional worn gray or brown for a sleek black or a bright pop of color.

Catch Me If You Can

Invest in these small upgrades to your car’s interior, and you’ll be driving on cloud nine in no time.

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