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How to Conquer SaaS Content Marketing?


SaaS (Software as a Service) falls under that niche of business that is trickier to dominate. It isn’t a cakewalk for sure.

You can’t just start your SaaS Startup and begin running ads and expect the conversions to flow in your direction. Even if you do, I bet that I wouldn’t last long.

The idea here is to maintain the growth trajectory; we are rooting for hocket stick growth.

Any SaaS Startup that manages to obtain the hockey stick growth will for sure last very long in the game.

One quick way to identify that is to look up SaaS business websites in your favorite SEO Tools like SEMrush and see if organic traffic growth depicts a hockey stick from when the business began.

For the SaaS Business that you see this pattern, those businesses are still growing strong.

But how to realize this? If paid ads are out of the box.

It’s about hacking organic growth.

And to do so you need to invest in CONTENT MARKETING

Content Marketing for SaaS is different from how you would want to do for a regular business.

Here you want to create content for generating a demand for the product that your prospective customers don’t know about. It’s an oligopoly market and that makes the competition fiercer.

What are the types of content that you can leverage for this?

  • Blogs
  • Podcast
  • Social Media Visual Content
  • Videos

These are some of the content assets at your disposal to organically attract your target audience.

How can Blogs help you conquer?

Search is where people ask questions to find solutions to their questions. You just need to be there when that happens. The process is quite straightforward if you ask me.

But to do this correctly you need to develop a strategic funnel and your blog content calendar has to be in sync with that funnel.

The need for a funnel is to cater the blog content to users in every stage that will ultimately lead them to purchase your SaaS Product.

Let’s say your SaaS Product is for SEO Project Management. In that case, your top-of-the-funnel audience can be served blogs like “What is SEO?” such content can entice readers by showcasing them the glittery freelancing side or establishing an SEO Agency.

The CTA’s here will help them learn more about Search Engine Optimization so that they create a career in this or maybe hone their SEO skills.

The bottom of the funnel audience can be served content that directly conveys the importance of project management in SEO and how it can allow the freelancer to scale faster with ease without losing sanity.

This is the kind of blog where you pitch your product, offer a free trial or a demo.

How Podcast can help you conquer?

Audio is the future. It’s a way people are consuming content these days and the trend only seems to be moving upward.

It is a way of catering to an audience that prefers consuming the content in audio format. Some of the biggest SaaS are already doing it.

SaaS Like, Buffer, SEMrush, HubSpot among so many others. The SaaS Startups that are leveraging podcasts are getting an opportunity to furthermore humanize their brand. It’s like their brand is now having a human voice, an opportunity to introduce the team.

For humans it is difficult to forget what they hear, not that we retain all that we hear; but we sure do retain what we intently listen to. Words that made sense to us and synced with us on a deeper level.

With Podcast a SaaS business has this opportunity to invite guests who are influencers in the niche and thus tap the influencer’s audience too.

How Social Media can help you conquer?

On level 3 we have social media platforms.

With social media your audience can read what you write on visual posts or captions, they can listen & see to your audion-visual content.

It’s the best way to engage your prospect’s both senses, i.e. viewing and listening.

Social Media is again an important channel to boost your product’s organic growth. This is where you engage with your audience via comments, AMA Sessions, and going live. They get to see who is actually behind the product.

There are some amazing SaaS Social Media Content Strategies that work really well. Strategies like educating with informative posts, feature showcases with tutorial videos, sharing UGC content, going live with followers, engaging on the comment thread, and creating posts that would elicit that.

How can videos help you conquer?

Who doesn’t like videos? Me saying that video is a trend would be awfully incorrect. Because video as a form of content has been killing it for the past decade or so.

They are one of the great ways to capture all stages of customers.

I came across Ahrefs because of their super valuable videos on YouTube channel that greatly educated me about the power of search engine optimization.

You can leverage some amazing video platforms like YouTube and IGTV to get to your customers.

YouTube is the greatest when it comes to this. Your customers are literally searching for their problems on this video search engine.

You have to create amazing videos catering to all stages of customers. That is how they will find you.

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