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How to Improve How You Use You Search Engine with AI

by Roveen

With a lot of AI material around us, it is very easy to get lost in the information overload and not know what to do.

The fast advancing AI field means we are getting AI to help us in many things, from creating videos to helping us get jobs. However, if you desire a more down-to-earth usage of AI, I have news for you. However, it involves Microsoft Edge.

Yes, I know that people do not like Edge, but what you need to know is that Microsoft has incorporated Bing AI into the search engine and that makes Bing a lot better to use compared to other search engines.

  1. So, go to your computer and open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Then, at the bottom right of your screen, you will see the site’s Settings gear icon.
  3. Click on it and then scroll down and select Sidebar.
  4. This will open another page of apps that you can add to the Sidebar.
  5. Select Bing Chat.
  6. When you select Bing Chat, it gets added to your Sidebar. However, you aren’t done yet.
  7. In the same page, you will see Page context. Toggle to ON the Page context prompt.
  8. Once done, then go to the website you want, and whenever you need more information, you can simply access Bing on the top right of your PC.
  9. The Bing allows you to ask for more information about what you are currently reading. It can also give you a page summary of the article so you don’t have to read all of the text on-screen.

And there you have it; a simple way to improve your search experience on Edge. This neat little trick is enough to make it useful over Chrome.

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