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What Are the Top Performing Call Center Headsets in 2021?


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Call centers receive a higher volume of calls each day, and workers must complete tasks while listening to calls and answering their questions. For the job, the workers need a hands-free option that allows them to listen to the calls and collect information. Headsets are great solutions for call center workers, and they give the workers the right equipment to toggle between calls. The products must eliminate common issues such as neck strain and keep the worker’s hands-free to write or type on their computer. When examining headsets, it is best to review the most popular and top-performing products.

The Poly Encore Pro HW510

The headset features a durable and easy-to-wear product that gives workers all the bells and whistles they expect each day. The product will cancel out noise and make it easier for the workers to hear callers without the unwanted background noise. It features foam cushions to keep the worker’s ears comfortable and eliminate the discomfort of holding a phone for hours.

The products are easy to keep clean and sanitize. This makes it easier for workers to use each shift without the need for extra headsets. Workers can connect to their business phone or smartphone easily. Business owners can learn more about the headset by visiting now.

Jabra Biz 2400 II Mono 3-in-1 Headset

The headset offers a more versatile design and is easy to convert to increase comfort. Workers in call centers won’t have to worry about interruptions in their conversations. The headset eliminates background noise to keep workers focused on the caller. The design is lightweight and won’t cause discomfort when wearing it. The product will stay secure regardless of how the user converts it. The product is easy to plug and unplug as needed.

Poly Savi 7220 D Office Headset

The design covers both ears and makes it easier to manage incoming calls in a call center. The battery life for the headset is around 12 hours, and workers can get up to 400 feet away from their office phone and continue receiving calls without interruptions.

It features noise-calling technology that helps workers continue their conversations without interruptions. Workers can get their message across to calls without noise around them causing communications issues. It features on and off controls and mute buttons. The worker can increase the volume with ease. 

Poly EncorePro HW720 Headset

The product is constructed of leather-like materials that are stylish and comfortable. The headset offers cushioning for both ears and won’t cause any ear pain. It is a great choice for call centers that are somewhat loud and hectic. The workers won’t have to worry about distractions in the workplace and manage calls with ease. The headset is a great product for mobile phones and business phone systems.

Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Headset

Since the headset is wireless, workers can manage a higher volume of calls and enjoy the clearer sound. It is a lightweight product that lowers the risk of neck pain and keeps the workers comfortable throughout the day. The design is compatible with several different operating systems and won’t present the workers with any difficulties. It is also great for workers that must attend daily virtual meetings and training programs. 

Poly Savi 8220 Wireless Headset

The headset offers exceptional noise-canceling technology that makes calls easier and blocks all background noise. Workers won’t have to worry about co-workers getting too close to them while they’re on the phone.

It provides a range of around 590 feet and is a great choice for a larger business. The built-in ringer allows the worker to answer calls from anywhere in the office without disturbing others. They can adjust the headset according to their needs and connect to a variety of phone systems.

Jabra Evolve 285 UC Stereo Headset

The headset offers Bluetooth capabilities and offers 10 microphone technology. It features a wide range to allow workers to travel throughout the building when taking calls. They have an average of 37 hours of battery life. The cushions are designed for exceptional comfort and give users a better overall experience. They can use the headset for a multitude of tasks including watching training videos and attending conference calls. 

Poly Savi 7220 D Office Wireless Headset

The headset offers padded cushions to keep the worker comfortable all day long. The battery life for the product is around 12 hours and is great for a part-time worker. They can walk around up to 400 feet from their office phone or smartphone and continue taking calls. It offers noise-canceling technology that makes it easier to hear all calls with ease. It makes it easier to pick up calls remotely and avoid missed calls.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC Headset

The headset is exceptional and provides 20 hours of battery life. It is a great choice for workers in a call center and gives them exceptional range. The product offers 4 different microphones to use according to the worker’s preferences. It cancels out unwanted noise and keeps the sound crystal clear. The design is a great product for call center workers and prevents co-worker distractions. The caller never hears any noise around the worker, and there are fewer miscommunications. Call centers could get a longer-lasting headset for their workers and achieve more each day with this terrific product.

Call centers receive hundreds of calls each day depending on the size of the organization. For this reason, they could have a large collection of workers completing calls and answering them daily. To accommodate their workers and a noisy environment, they need headsets that can cancel out the noise around the workers and keep them focused on their caller.

The right headset design must reduce background noise and improve the quality of sound coming from the speakers. The product must provide features that make it easier for the worker to answer calls from any location in the building without rushing to their desks. It is imperative in these environments for workers to hear every word the caller says without mistakes.

By reviewing the most popular headsets, call centers could find the best products for their workers. They can also eliminate repetitive motion injuries and reduce neck strain. Workers stay more comfortable throughout the workday and achieve more. A comfortable and reliable headset could make all the difference in the world to these workers. 

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