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Is Your Airbnb Host Spying on You? How to Detect Airbnb Hidden Cameras

by Roveen

The horror stories of people discovering Airbnb hidden cameras on their residences or their hotel rooms are staggering. They make you almost want to not seek accommodation in any place that is not your home.

However, there are a few ways to tell if there are hidden, networked cameras on your hotel room or Airbnb.

Use Your Phone

One of the easiest ways to detect Airbnb hidden camera is using your phone and there are several ways to do this.

First, by simply using your flashlight. Switch on your flashlight and begin to check for unusual reflections. A camera lens will always reflect light back which will draw your attention to the hidden device.

Also, if your phone has an IP camera, it will detect the infrared light of cameras without the need of a flashlight.

Alternatively, you can download a hidden camera detector app which scans for hidden cameras. The device will create an alert if one is found.

For best results, turn off all the lights in the room.

Look for Odd Objects

Its good practice to scan your environment as soon as you enter a new room. Keep an eye for objects that seem slightly moved or out of place. Or look for no-essential items or anything which looks off.

For example, there would be no need for your host to place a teddy bear or other dolls in or around the room you are in.

Or you could also look for slightly misfitted electrical objects, such as clocks that hang too low or smoke detectors and air filters that seem slightly misfitted.

If you are suspicious, cover the object with a towel or any piece of clothing just to be safe.

Finding Airbnb hidden cameras is a very challenging prospect and there is no guarantee you will find them all. However, these tips will help you be on the safe side.

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