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New to World of Warcraft Dragonflight? Start Here


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Welcome to the world of Azeroth! As a new player jumping into World of Warcraft with the latest Dragonflight expansion, you are beginning an epic adventure in one of the most famous and influential MMORPGs of all time. First released in 2004, WoW has enthralled millions of players across the globe with its immersive fantasy world, rich storytelling, and engaging gameplay.

Now with the Dragontlight update, WoW is entering a new era with enhanced features and fresh content to explore. Whether you’re a seasoned MMO veteran or completely new to the genre, Dragonflight provides the perfect chance to get started in the acclaimed World of Warcraft saga.

The lands of Azeroth present endless possibilities for adventure, glory, and lore. As you begin your journey, you’ll choose a mighty faction, customize a unique hero, master your skills, and slowly increase your power through grit and determination. With each battle and quest completed, you’ll leave your mark on this stunning virtual realm.

Of course, journeying through WoW for the first time can also feel overwhelming! Rest assured this guide will provide the essential tips and orientation you need to make your start in Dragonflight smooth and successful. We’ll cover choosing your faction and class, levelling up efficiently, exploring exciting dungeons, taking up crafting professions, and more.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have the fundamental knowledge to thrive in Azeroth. The Horde and Alliance await fresh faces to join their ranks! Are you ready to answer the call and dive into World of Warcraft: Dragonflight as a proud new champion? Your legend begins now…

So rally your courage, ready your steel, and let’s venture forth into the wondrous realm of WoW! Glory, adventures, and destiny await!

Choose Your Faction

One of your first and most important choices in WoW is which faction to join – the valiant Alliance or the mighty Horde. This determines your starting zone, races, environments, and overall identity within Azeroth.

The Alliance is composed of noble races like Humans, Night Elves, Dwarves, Draenei, and Gnomes. They value justice, honor, faith, and tradition. Their capital is Stormwind City, located in the human kingdom of the same name. The Alliance promotes order, civilization, and cooperation between races.

The Horde includes fierce races like Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, Undead Forsaken, and Blood Elves. They prize personal strength, honor in battle, and the freedom to live without interference. Their leaders rule from Orgrimmar in the harsh northern lands of Durotar. The Horde embraces raw martial power and the right of each race to carve out their destiny.

When you choose a faction, you’ll embark on an introductory series of quests based in that faction’s starting zones, getting you oriented in their environments, beliefs, and lore. Your faction also determines zones, dungeons, and areas available to you later in the game.

For example, as Alliance you would begin questing in human, dwarven, or gnomish lands, while the Horde starts out in orc, troll, or tauren territories. Certain endgame zones, dungeons, and cities would be restricted as well based on faction.

So think carefully about the faction that most appeals to your personality and preferences. Do you relate more to the Alliance’s civilized teamwork or the rugged individualism of the Horde? Your faction forms a core part of your identity in Azeroth, so choose wisely!

Select Your Class

WoW offers 13 classes ranging from heavily armored Warriors to mystical Mages. New Dragonflight classes include the Shaman-inspired Dracthyr Evokers.

Consider your playstyle – do you want to deal damage, tank hits, or heal allies? Classes like Hunters and Mages offer strong DPS, while Paladins and Druids make great healers. Pick what suits you best.

Choose A Race

Each faction contains distinct races to choose from, each with their own backgrounds and racial traits. On the Alliance, popular choices include graceful Night Elves, stout Dwarves, and ingenious Gnomes.

For the Horde, options include fierce Orcs, spiritual Tauren, and the undead Forsaken. Select a race that fits your class and style.

Level Up Your Character

As you journey across Dragonflight’s domains, you’ll gain experience points to level up your character. New players start at level 1 and work towards the current cap of level 70.

Leveling up grants you new abilities, gear, and allows you to take on greater challenges. Questing, running dungeons, and PvP are fun ways to progress.

Explore the New Zones

Dragonflight brings new lands to explore like the dragon isles Waking Shores and Ohn’ahran Plains. Discover their secrets and stories as you level up to the max.

Venture into lush forests, snowy peaks, and even the elemental plane of earth itself. The options are endless.

Take on Exciting Dungeons

Test your skills in Dragonflight’s dungeons like Neltharus, Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr, and the Ruby Life Pools. Dungeons let you battle through monsters and bosses in 5-player groups.

Coordination and skill are key to mastering mythic+ dungeons at higher difficulties. Unique loot and achievements await the victors.

Try Out Professions

Professions provide fun new systems to dive into. Dragonflight introduces major profession overhauls, including three new crafting skills:

Blacksmithing craftsPlate armor and weaponsJewelcrafting creates powerful gems Leatherworking makes Leather and Mail armorPlus exciting secondary professions like fishing and cooking!

Boosting Options

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Boosting connects you with proven WoW veterans who can efficiently gear up your characters, hit rating thresholds, fill out dungeon/raid groups and more. It’s a fast track for tackling high-level Dragonflight content. Just ensure to use reliable boosters like Koinpro for secure transactions and guaranteed results.

Your Adventure Awaits!

That covers the basics of getting started in WoW Dragonflight as a beginner. The rest awaits you in Azeroth – make allies, learn your class specialties, collect mounts and pets, run raids, and rise as a champion of your faction. Stay curious, take your time, and most importantly have fun on your quests! Glory awaits.

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