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Should You Bother Obtaining Nofollow Backlinks?


There is absolutely no doubt that Nofollow backlinks get a bad press and you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that these sort of backlinks are a waste of time and energy.

However, all the best link building service providers will tell you that you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Nofollow links.

Your ultimate goal is to see a range of SEO benefits as a due reward for your link building efforts and it is worth remembering that link popularity remains one of the major ranking factors in search engine criteria.

With that in mind, it is worth exploring what No follow backlinks are and how they still have a positive role to play.

Nofollow links explained

When you have a good understanding of what Nofollow links are it will help you to appreciate the obvious difference between them and a Dofollow link.

The clue is in the name. A Dofollow link enhances the page referencing and is credited with what you might class as extra “link juice”. In other words, Google, for instance, uses these links as a way of determining which websites to rank, and which ones to dismiss.

A Nofollow link is when the HTML is adjusted in a way that informs Google not to give the linked-to website any added credence.

Here is the important bit. Even though that adjustment has been made, the link still operates in the same way and the hyperlink directs traffic to your website.

The fundamental difference between a Dofollow and a Nofollow link is the fact that the latter status indicates that the search engine has been instructed not to associate the website referring the link with the referenced website.

A great way to look at Nofollow links in a positive light

The bottom line is that you should view Nofollow links as an excellent conduit for driving traffic and boosting your SEO. In other words, it has a role to play in your link building strategy, albeit a different one to Dofollow links.

As well as delivering increased traffic from backlinks and second-tier links there are also some other benefits attached to Nofollow links.

The general perception is that a Nofollow link is no good because it has been tagged in a way that restricts Google from attributing domain authority to the page being referenced. However, it is widely believed that the algorithm used by this search engine behemoth understands the relationship and the role of a Nofollow link to try and protect the website owner’s own SEO credentials.

The fact that the search engine knows that you are still linking, despite the Nofollow status, means that your ranking status will not be so restricted as you might believe because of a Nofollow link.

It is fair to say that the likes of Google are understandably secretive about their algorithms but there is enough anecdotal evidence around to suggest that Nofollow links are adding more value than they officially get credit for.

All things considered, it might well be a mistake to accept the view the Nofollow links are not worth bothering with. In fact, a number of savvy industry professionals take the view that they are unfairly underrated in the SEO world.

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