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Top 5 Most Innovative Bank Mobile App


While some bank customers are still relying on paper transfers, young generations are in particular two steps further. They no longer use their computers to make financial transactions online, but a convenient bank mobile app. Numerous online banking programs on the market are valuable helpers that simplify the management of private finances and everyday payments processing. Depending on the target group, they differ significantly in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, compatibility, and, of course, price.

Very few financial institutions do not have their bank mobile app and usually you have to type something like “check cashing near me locator” yourself. Others offer several applications: one aimed at banking, one – at mobile payment, and another to help customers save and trade securities. Some providers have even launched mobile-only accounts. Managing such accounts is possible through an app.

Mobile financial apps are currently replacing traditional bank branches, forcing large monetary institutions to introduce new customer service approaches. At first glance, they have only one way out – to follow the recent trends and offer clients completely remote management of their accounts and finances.

Below we present our list of top 5 innovative bank mobile apps.

Varo Bank

Varo Bank is a renowned digital bank in case you are awaiting a positive banking experience. Without any monthly maintenance fees, users are free to check and save their accounts. When it comes to banking, the app is noteworthy due to its intuitive user guidance. With an integrated spending habits analysis, users always have an excellent overview of income and expenses. Getting a direct deposit becomes extremely easy and fast (up to two days) using Varo.

Although Varo doesn’t have physical branches, it cooperates with a surcharge-free network of ATMs, the Allpoint Network, to provide the freedom to get cash whenever and wherever a client wants. A no-fee policy, combined with high effectiveness, offers a convenient environment for people who prefer banking on the go. Thanks to the Visa debit card you get, you can enjoy the convenience of adding it to Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile wallet.


Chime was founded in 2013. At that time, Chime’s concept was completely new: an account was managed exclusively on the move. And already in December 2019, the mobile bank already had 6.5 million accounts.

Customers can control their insurance contracts centrally via the app. Without charging any monthly or overdraft fees, it is also possible to access the service with zero balance. When it comes to the safety measures, the data you provide before entering the platform is confidential information.

If you live to spare and save, Chime offers even better assistance you get from traditional banks. An easy-to-use option called SpotMe allows all app users to get direct deposits for up to two days. You get a basic account (Spending) and an optional one (Savings). They are optimized for transfer and direct debit, as well as for card-based payment transactions. In-depth FAQs and supportive customer service make usage an exciting journey without any difficulties.


Simple was launched in 2009 aimed at those clients who need help managing money. Simple’s goal is to provide clients in one application with all the modern world’s capabilities to feature financial management. Innovative Safe-to-Spend balance allows you to control the balance, serving as a checking account. According to Simple, banking is more than just transactions and electronic transfers.

Money management is also a part of the banking experience. Users get access to visuals to manage what they earn and how much they spend. The money you saved and which you can spend on anything you want is in the section “Protected Goals.”


N26 is a bank mobile app based in Berlin. N26 started in 2013 without a banking license as “Number26” and was a FinTech company at the time. Number26 developed an innovative user interface to be a part of the N26 web app, with which current accounts could be managed and opened entirely via smartphone. Today, it has thousands of clients throughout the USA.

The app offers its clients a free account. The accounts let clients transfer money and provide direct debit, as well as card-based payment transactions. You can freely issue transfers, return direct debits, block the card in real-time if necessary, view digital account statements, and use other functions. N26 has integrated some additional options into the checking account.

The “MoneyBeam” service enables users to send money to contacts in their phone book. And another great option offered by TransferWise is a London-based FinTech company allows international transfers in foreign currencies. Thanks to the peer-to-peer principle, it is cheaper than with conventional banks.


MoneyLion is a bank mobile app that strives to provide users financial advice and track all outstanding loans with artificial intelligence. The service offers the opportunity to monitor your credit debts to banks and gives personalized advice on how to improve your financial behavior. MoneyLion is unique because you can borrow money for urgent needs right in the application.

MoneyLion is an all-in-one platform that allows you to manage all your bank accounts in one place. The project is monetized primarily due to the paid subscription, which costs $19.99 per month. With it, you get access to various functionalities, including credit builder loans. In 2019, the service raised $100 million, showing how innovative and inspiring its concept was.


Bank customers who have been using online banking for years and are well versed in using their smartphones shouldn’t have any problems installing any bank mobile apps. Which form of account management is most suitable certainly depends on the needs and requirements of the person. Anyone who already has one or more accounts could opt for a comprehensive banking app that allows managing different banks’ accounts at once.

Bank customers should think twice about which apps they want to install on their smartphones. Some offer great features that make life easier and more straightforward to use. In choosing an app to use, pay attention to reviews on safety and terms of use the platform offers.

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