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3 Ways eSignatures Can Improve Customer Satisfaction


An electronic signature refers to a signature in digital format across various digital platforms. The use of electronic signatures or eSignatures is becoming the new norm, especially in the corporate world. Several businesses are now getting rid of the traditional pen-and-paper workflow and have been moving on to digital alternatives.

Through trusted eSignature software, you and your customers can now send important documents over by using your phones or computers. With this, customers will no longer waste their valuable time and money in order to sign their documents. Thus, eSignatures smoothen the process of signing documents and keeps everything safe and secure.

To learn more on how eSignatures streamline your operations and grow your business, here are three simple ways eSignatures can improve your customer satisfaction:

1. Provides Convenience For Your Customers

Providing eSignature as an option for your customers can improve their experience. eSignatures can lessen the delay in your service due to physical hindrances when signing important documents. With eSignatures, your customers can quickly and easily sign their documents whenever, wherever. Using eSignature will no longer require you to go through a time-consuming process when using paper since everything can be done online. Once you incorporate eSignatures in your business, there’s no need for your customers to print or scan their documents.

Your customers will appreciate the convenience and the speed of using eSignatures, improving their overall experience and customer satisfaction. This can show your customers that you value and care about not wasting their time. Studies show that convenience is the greatest influencer when it comes to customer satisfaction. Convenience is considered an important factor that is linked to customer satisfaction. Customers, when offered hassle-free services, are more satisfied and tend to offer positive feedback.

Satisfied customers will also more likely share their experiences with other people. And although customer satisfaction doesn’t guarantee abrupt business growth, it still plays an important role in making sure that your customers remain loyal.

2. Enhances Security

As cybercrimes become more prevalent, investing in security measures for your customers should be a top priority. With eSignatures, you and your customer will no longer have to worry about document security. Having eSignature incorporated in your business can lower the chance of the documents being in the wrong hands. This means that eSignature can offer more security compared to signing paper documents.

eSignatures include security features that can prevent unauthorized access to documents, thus, preventing a data breach. They can also prevent document tampering since your customer’s documents are safely protected by the security features of eSignatures.

Showing your customers that their security is your top priority can increase customer satisfaction. Ensuring a secured business environment can help your customer feel assured since they know they can fully trust the process your services follow. This encourages them to engage in more transactions with you without fearing for their confidential data being misused or stolen. Implementing eSignatures allows your customer to receive, sign, and send their documents securely, therefore improving their experience.

3. Saves Time

Using eSignatures can save not only your time but your customers as well. With eSignatures, your customers can get tasks like receiving, signing, and sending documents done quickly and hassle-free. Customers are likely to have a positive experience when they go through a smooth and quick transaction with less to no waiting required.

The fact that your customers won’t need to print or sign multiple pages of documents the traditional way and mail important documents like policies or contracts can provide convenience and make the whole process hassle-free. Collecting signatures can be a very complicated and time-consuming process for you and your customers, but with eSignatures, everything can be done simply with a click of a button.

Customer satisfaction is related to waiting time, meaning, when customers don’t have to wait long, they are more likely to be satisfied with your service.

According to a study, waiting time satisfaction is also a loyalty retention factor. Results also show that when customers experience less waiting time, their satisfaction increases. When customers are provided fast and excellent service, they are more likely to express satisfaction.


eSignature is a valuable tool to boost customer satisfaction. It also plays a big role in removing barriers between paper and digital workflow. The benefits of using eSignatures are endless, and these include improving your customers’ experience. The use of eSignatures is one of the most important elements to consider in your business workflow since they offer numerous benefits. This significant tool can make the lives of your customers easier.

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