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How to Spot AI Images on Social Media

by Roveen

The rapid development of AI has made it so easy for people to create and share images on social media.

Now this can be a good thing. For example, it can allow someone to express a thought in image form if they do not have the words to express it. However, another more diabolical use of AI images is that they can and are being used to spread misinformation.

Previously, it would have been very easy to spot AI images because they were ridiculously bad. But over the past few years, AI has gotten better at creating not just images, but also videos. It has gotten chillingly good at it that it is hard to distinguish a real video or image from an AI-generated one.

Here then, is how to spot an AI image on social media:

Too Perfect

AI has gotten better at creating images and videos, and perhaps too good at it.

Often, to create images that look high definition, AI will often try to brush an image so that it becomes clear. However, because it wants to eliminate any hints that the image is AI generated, the image can become too brushed.

So, look for images which seem to try and appear too clean. The skin will be too smooth, the clothing will have too much sheen on then, even when dirty and so on.

So, if an image has features that seem too clean and in an unnatural and uncanny way, it could be AI generated.

Check the Background

On the other hand, while AI will try to make the subject of the image clean, it struggles to create the same level of detail to the background.

Thus, if you cannot tell from the subject that the image is AI generated, look at the background. You will notice several flaws in an AI-generated image when looking at the background.

Perhaps things will mesh into each other unnaturally. For example, a rock could fuse with a building, or bodies of people in the background could fuse together. Names or words might be incoherent and so on.


While AI technology has gotten better at representing fingers, it barely gets it right. So, when still in doubt, check the fingers. Unnatural number of fingers is an obvious sign, but many AIs are now getting the number of fingers right.

Thus, instead, look at how the fingers are shown. Often, AI will make fingers or limbs seem too soft, almost like they are made from butter. Additionally, the fingers will blend into each other weirdly.

These are just some ways to tell an AI-generated image from a real one. Find out more ways to tell here. Do not be fooled by AI images. Stay woke!

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