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4 Great Apps for Streaming Sports


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Being There

For sports fans around the world, there is nothing quite as exciting as the buzz of a live game. Sometimes we are lucky enough to make it to a stadium or venue where we get the chance of a ringside seat and a chance to be part of the crowd. There is that wonderful feeling of knowing that your cheers and shouts positively affect your team. In addition, being present at a live event gives you a totally different perspective from seeing it on the TV screen. You might not get all the close-up shots, but the atmosphere in the crowd is something else.

A Shared Experience

The next best thing to attending a live event is watching it on the box at home or in a bar or club. Cheering your side on along with your mates, drink in hand. Unfortunately, sometimes other pressures in life mean that we cannot get ourselves in front of a big screen. However, there is no need to miss out on any action wherever you find yourself. With a smartphone in your pocket, you can take live sports wherever you go. Of course, to make the most of your streaming service, you need a decent amount of data or access to a broadband connection.

LiveScore – The Champion for Premier League Football

This app scores a massive 4.7 in the App Store, so it must be doing something right. Cristiano Ronaldo is the app’s global brand ambassador. The app promises that you will never miss a goal for the Premier League or UEFA Champions League. In addition, you can manage your settings, so you only see the matches you care about. Streaming exclusive analysis from LiveScore’s football experts is also a feature. It is not just soccer and football, though. The app also covers tennis tournaments, cricket, basketball, and hockey.

Unibet – Streaming and Sports Betting

Some viewers like their viewing to be even more interactive. For example, betting on sports is incredibly popular all around the world. Sports betting apps like Unibet Australia offer a streaming service combined with a wager option, analysis, and stats. Fans can bet on a wide range of options, from the final score of a football match to how many runs a cricketer will make before being bowled out. As well as soccer and cricket, the app has live horse-racing, golf, basketball, rugby, and tennis.

Eleven Sports (Global)

Eleven Sports is an interesting app to try out if you also like to less well-known teams. It covers everything from global to local sports. It has coverage of elite sports through to grassroots events. In addition, youth and women’s events get a good look in. Eleven also has social media connectivity, so you can share your favorite moments and chat with fans worldwide. Eleven offers a social experience as well as excellent streaming services.


DAZN is a sports entertainment platform that streams live and on-demand sports in more than 200 countries and territories. Unlike many other broadcasters, it is a service delivered directly to viewers over the internet. The app allows you to take the service out and about, but you can also use it to cast to your TV screen at home. It has extensive coverage of World Championship Boxing and the UEFA Women’s Championship League (UWCL). In addition, DAZN allows you to watch live on up to two devices simultaneously. In their words, they are changing the game.

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